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How to add email contacts in Apple Mail

Learn how to add email contacts in Apple Mail. This guide will walk you through adding contacts in Apple Mail and using Mailbutler’s features.

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    By Ilija

    An economist by degree, a marketing manager at heart. Seeing my website on the first page of Google is what excites me most. I write mostly about email productivity, email management and AI.

    Managing email contacts efficiently can save time and reduce email stress. Apple Mail, paired with Mailbutler, offers seamless ways to manage your contacts.

    This guide will walk you through adding email contacts in Apple Mail and using Mailbutler’s robust features. Whether you're adding contacts manually or importing them, these simple steps will help keep your inbox organized and your communication smooth.

    Adding email contacts in your Contacts app

    Adding email contacts in Apple Mail may seem tricky, but it's simple when you know the steps. Let's break it down:

    • Open Apple Mail:
      • Start Apple Mail from your Applications folder or Dock.
    • Find the Email:
      • Look for an email from the person you want to add as a contact.
    • Add to Contacts:
      • Hover your cursor over the sender’s email address. Click the small dropdown arrow that appears next to it. Choose "Add to Contacts" from the menu.
    • Complete Contact Details:
      • The Contacts app will open with the new contact card, already filled with the email address. Add any additional details you need, like their name, phone number, or address.
    • Save the Contact:
      • Click "Done" to save this new contact.
    • Check the Contact:
      • Open the Contacts app to make sure the new contact is saved correctly.
    • Sync Your Contacts:
      • If you're using iCloud, ensure your contacts sync across all your Apple devices. Go to System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud and check the "Contacts" box.

    Using Mailbutler's Contacts feature in Apple Mail

    Mailbutler's Contacts feature is a handy CRM tool built right into your inbox. Here's how to use it:

    Creating a Contact Manually

    • Open Sidebar:
      • Click the sidebar icon to open the Mailbutler Sidebar.
    • Switch to Contacts:
      • Click the icon of the email sender/recipient you want to add.

    add to your Mailbutler contacts

    • Create Contact:
      • Click "Create contact."
    • Edit Contact:
      • Click the pen icon to add more information.
    • Add Details:
      • Click "Add more details" to provide more information.

    add more details to Mailbutler contact

    • Delete Contact:
      • To remove a contact, click "Delete contact.

    How do I import all of my Apple contacts?

    • Open Sidebar:
      • Click the sidebar icon to open the Mailbutler Sidebar.
    • Access Account Settings:
      • Click the gear (⚙) icon, then go to Account & Preferences.

    Mailbutler's account and preferences

    • Open Integrations:
      • In the new window, select Integrations under Preferences.
    • Import Contacts:
      • You can either import your contacts from your Apple Contacts or from a CSV file.
    • Import from Apple Contacts:
      • Click "Import Contacts" and select the desired contacts.
      • To import contacts from your CSV file, follow the instructions in this article.
      • Please be aware that you can not remove all of these contacts at once, after importing them. They would have to be individually deleted.

    import Apple Mail contacts in Mailbutler

    What information can I see in the Contacts tab?

    • Open Sidebar:
      • Click the sidebar icon to open the Mailbutler Sidebar.
    • Switch to Contacts:
      • View details about your contact, such as their name, company, position, and phone number.
      • Add Notes and Tasks to your contact and use the Smart Assistant to help draft emails.
      • Check the best times to reach your contact and how long they take to open and reply to your emails. This information is based on tracking data.
      • See your email history with the contact. The history is navigable, allowing you to click on any email to view details and open it in your email application.
      • Note: Email history is available only for contacts you've emailed using the Mailbutler's Email Tracking feature.

    Mailbutler contacts details

    Managing Contacts in the Mailbutler Dashboard

    • Open Sidebar:
      • Click the sidebar icon to open the Mailbutler Sidebar.
    • Open Dashboard:
      • Click the Dashboard button.
    • View Contacts:
      • Click the Contacts tab to see a list of all your contacts.

    Apple Mail contacts in Mailbutler

    How do I add Notes and Tasks to my Mailbutler Contacts?

    Adding Notes and Tasks to contacts is similar to adding them to emails. The only difference is that you add them in the Contacts tab.
    For detailed instructions, please refer to these articles:

    How do I use Mailbutler's Smart Assistant for my contacts?

    It's easy to overlook saving someone's contact information or simply not have the time. Luckily, Mailbutler’s Smart Assistant can help. With just a few clicks, this AI email assistant gathers all relevant information about your contact and adds it to your Mailbutler Contacts feature. You can then manually edit any fields and add other important information as needed.

    Here’s how you can use the Smart Assistant for your contacts:

    • Click on the sidebar icon to open the Mailbutler Sidebar.
    • Switch to the Contacts tab by clicking on the icon of the email sender/recipient.
    • Click the Smart Assistant button.

    open Mailbutler's Smart Assistant

    • Click Compose.
    • Type in a few keywords and click Compose.

    Smart Compose by Mailbutler's Smart Assistant

    • The Smart Assistant will draft an email for you. To insert the draft into a new email, click Open draft.

    AI composed email - add in draft

    Better contact management with Mailbutler's Tags

    Mailbutler's Tags for Apple Mail Contacts

    Mailbutler's Tags feature helps you manage contacts more easily. When handling many contacts, it's useful to quickly see the purpose of each contact and their emails. For example, you can tag potential business opportunities as 'New Lead' or emails waiting for a reply as 'Awaiting Feedback'.

    These tags help you organize your inbox and keep track of tasks related to your contacts. With Mailbutler's tagging, you can group contacts based on past chats, their preferences, or other details, making your customer interactions smoother.


    Using Apple Mail with Mailbutler simplifies contact management, saving you time and reducing stress. Mailbutler's features, like tagging and the Smart Assistant, help you organize contacts effortlessly and keep track of important details. This setup ensures smoother communication and a more efficient workflow.

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