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How Mailbutler can help you collaborate effectively with your team

Collaboration is an essential part of any efficient team. Mailbutler explains how you can better collaborate over email.

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    By Tiffany

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    In the modern work environment, collaboration plays an essential role in nearly every aspect of doing business. Email is no exception to that rule. Some email clients have introduced the ability to share tasks folders and message templates with others, such as Outlook.

    However, not everyone uses Outlook, and often, email client features are convoluted, clunky, and impractical. That’s why Mailbutler has created its Team Collaboration feature. With it, Maibutler users in any client, be that Gmail, Apple Mail or Outlook, can share their notes, tasks, contacts, templates, and signatures across their whole team in just a few clicks. This enables you to get the most out of your inbox. Read on to learn more about Mailbutler’s team collaboration features.

    Learn more about Mailbutler for teams

    Mailbutler for teams

    Mailbutler for teams is a simple concept: if you purchase several Business Plan subscriptions for your team, you gain access to the shared notes, tasks, contacts, signatures, and templates option. This means you can easily share information with your whole team, increasing efficiency and ensuring your communication is clear and simple. And on top of this, if you bundle your subscriptions together using Mailbutler for teams, you’ll get a nice little discount on your plans, plus dedicated onboarding from our excellent customer success team. Nice! Let’s have a look at each of Mailbutler’s features in more detail.

    Share important information in emails with your team

    The usual approach of simply forwarding an email that contains important details is outdated. It is fairly inefficient to have to go through your inbox whenever you need to lookup certain information.

    A great solution to this is Mailbutler’s Notes feature. With Notes, you can create little messages which you attach to any email or contact you like. Then, you can share them across your whole team. This way both you and your coworkers or partners will always have a clean overview of the most important pieces of information.

    Coordinate your to-dos right in your inbox

    Much as is the case with the Notes feature, sharing email tasks with your team is a surefire way to boost your productivity. Mailbutler lets you assign tasks with deadlines to emails that you can easily share with team members. You will constantly be up to date on what needs to be done through your dashboard. And again, as is the case with notes, sharing tasks is not dependent on your team using the same email client.

    Collaborate on your contacts with your team

    More things to share? You bet. With Mailbutler’s Contacts feature, you can easily view entire conversation histories, import contact details, and keep your notes and tasks all in one place. On top of this, if your Mailbutler members are on a Business Plan, you can share all of this information across your team, meaning any information on clients or other important contacts is easily reachable for anyone who may need it.

    Stay on brand with shared email signatures

    Email Signatures are another useful tool for achieving a unified approach to your organization’s communication efforts. The easiest way to start using signatures with your team is by signing up for Mailbutler. You’ll have access to a variety of professionally crafted, ready-made signatures that you can start using with your team today. Alternatively, you can build a fully-customized signature from scratch. Make sure to check out all the other ways that Email Signatures Can Benefit Your Business.

    Save your team time with shared templates

    For companies big and small, a consistent message can be one of their greatest challenges. Consistency in communication requires teamwork, focus and discipline. It advances the idea that one message can have many facets and many voices, but still sounds unified. It also advances the concept of simpler by design, one message that can cut through the clutter and reach a target audience.

    One of the easiest ways of achieving consistency throughout your communication is using Shared Message Templates. An extra benefit of message templates is the time it saves your team in cases where the same email has to be sent on a frequent basis. With Mailbutler you can create Message Templates that you and your team can use on Gmail, Apple Mail and Outlook. Learn how to create and use Message Templates.

    So there you have it – several ways you can improve your team collaboration by using Mailbutler. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and receive a 14 day free trial of all our features.

    Learn more about Mailbutler for teams

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