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Mailbutler: the only Outlook email extension you’ll ever need

Upgrade your Outlook experience with Mailbutler's Outlook email extension. Improve your email workflow with Mailbutler for Outlook today.

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    By Tiffany

    Tiffany studied Language and Economics, and now likes to write about business topics and conduct interviews with interesting people. She spends her free time looking after her plants and with her dog.

    Microsoft Outlook is currently the de facto email client for most businesses. Due to its popularity, it has become the standard email client that most workplaces use.

    However, despite its popularity with businesses of every size, Microsoft Outlook simply cannot do it all.

    Luckily, it doesn't have to! Microsoft’s AppSource is a marketplace created to offer Outlook email extensions that complement and support Microsoft’s email client.

    One of these productivity solutions is Mailbutler.

    While there are many single-feature Outlook add-ins and email extensions that help you organize your inbox, having to switch between all of these different programs can become chaotic and messy and often creates performance issues.

    Instead of using a dozen different extensions, you should be using an all-in-one solution - like Mailbutler.

    Mailbutler is the premium Outlook email extension that offers a suite of productivity tools neatly packed within a single add-in that seamlessly integrates into your Outlook inbox.

    Your Outlook Inbox, Smarter

    We improve Outlook’s native features and help you manage your time & work effectively.

    Ditch read receipts and start tracking

    Outlook’s read receipts are Microsoft's outdated way of notifying you when someone looks at your email. When the sender uses the email read receipt feature, a pop-up window usually appears for the recipient, asking for a confirmation.

    If you’ve ever tried using read receipts in Outlook, you might have asked yourself how useful that is.

    And you might have already suspected the answer: read receipts are rarely effective as the recipients usually have to give a confirmation every single time.

    But Mailbutler does this differently.

    With Mailbutler’s Tracking feature for Outlook, your recipient does not receive an annoying pop-up window asking for confirmation - it's tracked automatically, so you'll always know when your email was opened.

    Moreover, with Tracking Details, you can see the location, device, operating system and browser of the person who opened your email. Now you have all the information you need to take the next step with confidence.

    But that's not all Mailbutler's Tracking feature does!

    With Mailbutler you can also track links inside your emails and get the same insights into them as you would when tracking when your email was opened.

    With this powerful feature, you can see how your recipient interacts with your email, allowing you to connect better with your audience. 

    An email scheduling feature that’s actually useful

    For whatever reason, Microsoft has decided to execute email scheduling locally on Windows.

    This means that your computer has to be running and Outlook open for any scheduled emails to send - which defeats the purpose of a scheduling feature! But worry not: we have a solution.

    With Mailbutler’s Send Later feature for Outlook, you can rest easy that your email will be sent regardless of whether your Outlook is open or your computer is on.

    The best part of Mailbutler's Send Later feature? Recipient Optimized Scheduling (ROS).

    With this feature, Mailbutler uses Email Tracking to see when your contacts are most likely to open an email, and accordingly tells you when the best time to reach your recipient is.

    This means you can maximize the chances of your email being opened!

    On top of this, Send Later has two other smart functionalities. It can cancel a scheduled email if your recipient sends you a message, and it can automatically reschedule your email to be sent the next day if you try and send it outside of your working hours.

    Manage your email signatures in one place

    Mailbutler also allows you to create professional email signatures from ready-made templates or easily craft a customized one from a base design.

    Mailbutler Email Signatures can be shared across your team, enabling you to achieve a consistent brand identity in your company's email communication. In addition, if you use Mailbutler on multiple email clients, you can still access your signatures from Apple Mail and Gmail.

    Recommended reading: 10 mistakes to avoid when writing your email signature

    While Outlook does offer a native signatures functionality, it simply isn't as expansive as Mailbutler's.

    With Mailbutler on our Business and Professional+ Plans, you can take one of our signature templates and customize it extensively, changing font colors and sizes, adding images and logos, and sharing these designs with your whole team.

    Turn your emails and contacts into actionable to-dos

    Received an email and need to take action, but can't find anywhere in Outlook to do this easily without integrating a different app or creating a whole new ticket for yourself in your to-do tool.

    That's where Mailbutler comes in. Although Mailbutler does integrate with a multitude of different apps, including Todoist, if you simply want to turn your emails into to-dos, you can do this directly in your inbox with our Notes and Tasks feature.

    Adding notes to emails is purely for information: whenever you open up that email and glance at the Mailbutler Sidebar, you'll be able to see the notes you've attached to that message, into which you can write any important information you need.

    But adding tasks is where it gets really exciting.

    A task turns an email or even a contact into an actionable to-do which you can tick off after you've completed the task, all within your inbox, all without needing any extra software or steps.

    And if you do want to integrate Todoist into your inbox, that's okay too!

    Whenever you create a new task in Mailbutler, it will be synced to your Todoist app under your Mailbutler project.

    Quickly and easily create and share detailed email templates

    Outlook of course offers an email template feature, but if you've ever tried to use it (especially in the browser version), you'll see that the functionality isn't great - you're simply given a subject line and a body text field, and that's it.

    Mailbutler solves this lack of functionality by adding manageable templates that you can insert into your email in two clicks.

    Not only do we offer a set of templates as standard on our paid plans, you can also create your own and add your own placeholders which show you exactly which parts you need to change after you've inserted it in your compose window.

    No more basic templates, but everything you need in an instantly insertable, intuitive way!

    Mailbutler is designed with collaboration in mind

    One of the most distinctive attributes of Mailbutler is that it’s built for collaboration. With Mailbutler, the Notes and Tasks you add to your emails can be easily shared with all your team members.

    The people you share notes and tasks with don’t even need to have Outlook - they can be using any one of the three email clients we support with Mailbutler: Apple Mail, Gmail, or Outlook.

    You can design signatures and message templates that your team can use to achieve a cohesive communication strategy and save precious time.

    Check out our Support Center to learn more about the Collaborators feature in Mailbutler.

    Try Mailbutler's Smart Assistant

    mailbutler smart assistant

    Mailbutler's Smart Assistant is an AI tool specifically designed for Outlook, among other platforms. It employs artificial intelligence to manage and expedite your email tasks. The various functions of the Smart Assistant include:

    • Smart Compose: By providing a few keywords, the Smart Assistant can draft an email for you, which you can then edit and send from your Outlook compose window, available on both mobile and desktop platforms.
    • Smart Respond: This feature helps generate email responses based on keywords, saving you time in crafting replies.
    • Smart Summarize: With a click, get an overview of all the vital details from an email, ensuring you're always updated on the crucial points.
    • Smart Improve: This function helps improve the spelling and grammar in your emails, aiding in professional communication.
    • Contact Finder and Task Finder: These functions help find contact information and tasks within your emails, enhancing your organizational capabilities.

    Mailbutler has integrated machine learning and natural language processing technologies to make the Smart Assistant a reliable tool for managing emails in a professional setting.

    Innovative Mailbutler's Email Tags

    mailbutler tags

    Email Tags is another feature by Mailbutler that helps keep your Outlook inbox organized. Here’s how it works:

    • Ease of Tagging: Tagging emails is straightforward - open Mailbutler in your Outlook inbox, select the email, contact, note, or task you want to tag, and click the tag button to add a tag. You can set a title and color for each tag for better organization.
    • Broad Application: The Tags feature isn't limited to emails; you can also tag notes, tasks, contacts, templates, and signatures, providing a holistic tagging solution for your projects and communications.
    • Adding Tags: To add tags, click on the Mailbutler icon to open the sidebar, go to an email or a contact, and click inside a Note to reveal the Tags button, which you can then click to add tags.
    • Task Organization Enhancement: Integrating Mailbutler's Tags can enhance your task management experience in Outlook, further enriching Outlook's inherent task management features.

    These features not only aim to improve your workflow but also provide a smart and efficient way to manage your Outlook inbox, tasks, contacts, and more.

    By leveraging the AI features of Mailbutler's Smart Assistant and the organizational benefits of email Tags, you can substantially boost your productivity and email management in Outlook.

    We also integrate with your favorite productivity tool

    Having integration between all the services that a company uses is a necessity in the modern workplace. A lack of synchronicity makes handling day-to-day tasks unnecessarily difficult.

    When it comes to integrations, Mailbutler is your new MVP. It works effortlessly with your favorite note-taking or project-management tool.

    Mailbutler integrates with the most popular services out there, such as Todoist, Trello, Asana, Wunderlist and many more!

    No more switching between browser tabs and transferring tasks and information manually - sync it all from within your inbox. So what are you waiting for? Get a 14-day free trial of Mailbutler with all our features today.

    Outlook email extension FAQs

    What is the Microsoft email extension?

    For Chrome users, Microsoft offers the Outlook browser extension. This tool allows quick access to Outlook.com, Hotmail, or work accounts without needing to switch tabs or apps. It's designed to keep you focused by integrating email functionalities directly into your browser workflow. For installation, users can find the extension in the Chrome Web Store.

    Is there Outlook for Chrome?

    Yes, Outlook can effectively function as a desktop app within Google Chrome. This is achieved by installing Outlook as a Progressive Web App (PWA) from Chrome, allowing users to access their Outlook on the web or Outlook.com accounts directly. This setup enhances usability, making email management more integrated and convenient within the Chrome browser. For detailed instructions on setting this up, refer to the Microsoft support page here.

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    1. I use Microsoft 365 — and Microsoft Outlook/Exchange— What is the annual fee for private users?

      20 Nov 2020
      • Hello Gunther,

        That depends on which level of subscription you’re interested in. It ranges quite a bit, from €7.95/month to €29.95/month. There’s also the option of yearly payments, which saves you two months worth. For a complete overview of the prices, please look at our pricing page, which also includes a handy chart that shows which features come with which levels of plan.

        If you’ve got any other questions, please write to us at support@mailbutler.io.


        20 Nov 2020

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