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Todoist and Mailbutler: the perfect email integration

Mailbutler is the #1 Todoist email integration. Learn how to integrate them into your Gmail, Outlook or Apple Mail email client.

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    By Tiffany

    Tiffany studied Language and Economics, and now likes to write about business topics and conduct interviews with interesting people. She spends her free time looking after her plants and with her dog.

    Mailbutler and Todoist are two productivity tools that help you stay focused in the workplace. Essentially, Mailbutler is an email productivity tool, which makes effectively managing your email communication easier than ever.

    Todoist, on the other hand, helps you organize your work day by putting all your daily tasks in one place.

    Use both of them together in your Apple Mail, Outlook, or Gmail inbox, and you can create the ultimate efficient workflow, writing emails more productively and organizing your tasks all at the same time.

    All you have to do is integrate them!

    Your Inbox, Smarter

    Designed for business owners and freelancers using Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

    What is Mailbutler? 

    Mailbutler is an email communication tool that makes writing emails easier and more efficient.

    With Mailbutler, you can schedule emails to send later, track them to their destination, create signatures that match your brand, snooze your inbox, create notes and tasks and attach them to contacts and messages to stay on top of your workflow, and so much more!

    On top of these great features, with Mailbutler's Contacts feature, you can get analytics to predict the best time to reach out, easily view your past conversation history, and create, view, and import or manually add contact information.

    Mailbutler is currently available on Apple Mail, Gmail, and Outlook, and there's even a companion app for iOS and Android for staying organized on the go.

    How can I integrate Mailbutler and Todoist?

    To use Mailbutler and Todoist effectively all you have to do is integrate them.

    It's as easy as registering for an account, and installing Mailbutler into your Outlook, Gmail or Apple Mail email inbox - which takes a few moments, really! - and then heading to the Mailbutler Sidebar right within your email client.

    There you'll see an option for integrations, and you can find Todoist and add it.

    Then Mailbutler, which is already completely immersed in your inbox (meaning the learning curve is very shallow, as it seamlessly integrates into your existing email client), will be totally integrated with Todoist and you can use them side by side.

    When someone sends you an email, you can simply add a Mailbutler task to it, and the task will show up in your Todoist projects under the name Mailbutler.

    Then you can move your task to a different project to correspond with your desired workflow. 

    Examples of how Todist and Mailbutler work well together

    In order to better show how to use Mailbutler and Todoist effectively, we have examples of four professionals who use both to lighten their daily workload. Meet Eve, Toby, Claire, and Kate. 

    Eve uses the Mailbutler-Todoist integration to have an overview of her tasks

    Eve is a freelance copywriter who works for a lot of different clients.

    They often send her emails about work assignments that she needs to complete.

    To be more productive, Eve uses both Todoist and Mailbutler for Outlook to do her assignments from start to finish.

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    When her client emails her work assignment, she turns it into a Mailbutler task.

    The task automatically appears in Todoist’s inbox, so she can assign it to different projects that she is working on. By using both applications, she has a better grasp of how much work needs to be done for each client.

    Eve loves how easily both tools help to manage her daily workflow.

    Toby uses the Mailbutler-Todoist integration to stay on top of the information his company needs

    Toby is the visionary leader of a drone company.

    He is often coordinating with manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors so he can complete order requests.

    Toby uses both Todoist and Mailbutler for Gmail to stay productive, organized and enhance his workflow.

    For example, when a customer asks about the delivery time of a drone that is out of stock, he can simply create a Mailbutler task that automatically also creates a Todoist task.

    When he checks his Todoist tasks he knows what he needs to ask all of the responsible parties. By using both tools, he can stay focused and get more work done.

    Claire uses the Mailbutler-Todoist integration to stay informed about her clients

    Claire is the head of a public relations agency.

    She is often looking for ways to land more clients and have better relationships with existing ones.

    For her job, she needs to remember personal details about clients, so she uses Mailbutler’s Contacts feature for Apple Mail (which is also available for Gmail and Outlook!).

    It helps her maintain better email communication with her clients.

    Claire makes a habit of wishing happy birthdays to all of her clients. In order to remember so many birthdays, she uses the Task feature on Contacts.

    The Mailbutler task then appears in her Todoist app, and she moves the task to her “Birthday” project, which contains all her clients' birthdays.

    Both of these tools help her maintain relationships with her clients, which is essential for the head of a PR agency!

    Kate uses the Mailbutler-Todoist integration so she doesn't forget to take action

    Kate is an actress who often travels for work, so she is often on her mobile device rather than her computer. To stay organized while she is traveling, she uses both Mailbutler and Todoist to prepare for a film shoot.

    When a producer sends her a script, she creates a Mailbutler task to remember to memorize her lines.

    The task then appears in her Todoist inbox, so can prepare when she has the time.

    By using both of these tools, all her tasks stay in one place, which makes it easy for her to locate them and not forget when she needs to remember her lines.

    In Conclusion

    Todoist and Mailbutler work perfectly together. If you create a task in Mailbutler, it automatically appears in your Todoist inbox.

    Using both tools helps you organize your work life by keeping all your tasks end up in one place. Then, you can organize your tasks according to your respective projects!

    So what are you waiting for?

    Try Mailbutler for free for 14 days in either Outlook, Gmail or Apple Mail and effectively combine both your email tasks and your Todoist tasks.

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    1. Is there a way to add labels in the Mailbutler task so that they appear as labels in Todoist? When I use the @ in the task itself, it doesn’t change to a label when it lands in Todoist. This DOES work with other integrations, though.

      08 Jul 2021

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