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Increase efficiency using the Mailbutler Shared Notes and Tasks feature

Mailbutler's Shared Notes feature allows you to add notes to your emails that can be shared with your team, increasing productivity and efficiency.

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    By Tiffany

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    With Mailbutler’s practical shared Notes feature you can make sure that everyone on your team has access to the same information. By using it, everyone on your team can increase productivity and efficiency. In a nutshell, any notes or tasks which you add to your emails or contacts can be shared with your whole team, or a selection of your team, meaning all information is in one place for everyone for whom it’s relevant.

    The shared Notes feature is a smaller part of our wider Collaborators feature, which allows you to also share tasks, templates, signatures and more with all of your team members, or, in fact, with any Mailbutler user. Anything you can create on your plan, you can share! For this article, we’ll focus on Notes.

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    Increase productivity by having a shared email inbox

    Have you ever shared your inbox with someone, maybe a colleague or an assistant? It can be complicated for teams and sometimes cause conflicts. For example, emails can get lost because they were read by one person and left to be answered for another, but this wasn’t communicated because the reader forgot or assumed it was obvious when it perhaps wasn’t for the other person.

    Therefore communication is crucial to make sure every email is neither left unanswered nor answered twice. However, when there is a lot to do with not very much time to do it in, it messages can somehow get lost in the mix, meetings don’t get organized, and communication breaks down.

    Improving communication with Mailbutler’s shared Notes and Tasks feature

    Mailbutler removes all of those communication problems through its shared Notes feature. Remember notes and tasks, which you can attach to any email or contact? Mailbutler’s shared Notes feature means not only can you attach any important information to emails and contacts, but you can also use them as a sort of internal memos or an action request, communicating right within each other’s inboxes.

    How does it work? Your shared note attaches directly to the email or contact. You don’t need any other separate program to update and arrange your team’s information – it’s all in your inbox, and once you’ve shared it with your team members, it’s accessible to whomever you decide needs to be able to see it. You could write a note that detailed how you’d already responded to a customer’s email, for example, meaning there are never duplicate replies; or perhaps you could write that the presentation needs to be done for this contact, and could your colleague in the marketing team start working on it, please?

    The opportunities for collaboration are limitless and you’ll be forever finding new ways that sharing notes and tasks across your team can help you. So what are you waiting for? Head to Mailbutler and check out the tool you’ve been missing out on.

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