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Increase efficiency using the Mailbutler shared Notes and Tasks feature

Mailbutler's Shared Notes feature allows you to add notes to your emails that can be shared with your team, increasing productivity and efficiency.

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    By Tiffany

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    Mailbutler’s Collaborators feature allows you to add notes and tasks to your emails and contacts and share them with your team, thus increasing your efficiency and productivity. 

    With Mailbutler’s easy-to-use Collaborators feature, combined with notes and tasks, you can make sure that everyone on your team has access to the same information.

    This way, every team member will know what needs to be done, when, and by whom without having to leave their inbox. But for this to work, first you need to set up Mailbutler’s Team Collaboration feature.

    Increase efficiency and productivity by sharing email notes and tasks 

    Have you ever shared your email inbox with someone, maybe a colleague or an assistant? If your answer is ‘yes,’ then you probably already know that shared mailboxes can be complicated for teams and sometimes cause misunderstandings and conflict between teammates. 

    For example, emails often get lost in the mix because they were read by one team member and left to be replied to by another, but that wasn’t communicated, because the team member who read them first forgot or assumed it was obvious, when it perhaps wasn’t for the other person. 

    Communication is crucial to any team’s success.

    Everyone on your team should be in the loop about your email correspondence so each and every one of your contacts get the response they need on time. 

    You can make this happen with Mailbutler’s Notes and Tasks features. These features let you create informative notes and actionable to-dos and attach them to emails and contacts.

    You can then share some or all of these notes with your teammates using the Mailbutler Collaborators feature, so nothing falls through the cracks.

    Email Collaboration in Your Inbox

    Easily work and communicate with your team without leaving your inbox.

    Here are a few scenarios in which you can take advantage of Mailbutler's sharing features: 

    • When a client/partner/team member is on vacation (add an “X is on holiday” note to the appropriate contact directly in your mailbox)
    • When you have suggestions on what to include in a follow-up email but you’re not the one who needs to write it (attach a detailed note to the message that needs to be followed up on) 
    • When you want to give an update on a project (for example, you can add an “X has uploaded the presentation to Google Drive” note to the contact the presentation is for) 

    Similarly, Mailbutler allows you to turn your emails and contacts into actionable to-dos with a specific date and time action needs to be taken, and share them with your teammates so you don’t miss any deadline or opportunity.

    With the Tasks feature, you can let your team know which emails need to be replied to or followed up on and when, which clients need to be contacted to confirm an appointment and when, etc. Simply create the to-dos using the Tasks feature, and share them in just two clicks with the Collaborators feature.

    Improve communication with Mailbutler’s Shared Notes and Tasks

    Improve communication with Mailbutler’s shared Notes and Tasks feature 

    As you can see, Mailbutler eliminates many communication problems with its Collaborators and Notes and Tasks features.

    Mailbutler’s Notes and Tasks functionality enables you to not only add important information to your emails and contacts, but also use notes and tasks as a sort of internal memos or action requests. The Collaborators feature allows you to share them with your team without leaving your inbox. 

    How does the Shared Notes and Tasks feature work, exactly? It’s quite simple, really - your note or task attaches directly to the appropriate email or contact. Then, in two clicks, you can share that note with any other Mailbutler user. Once you've shared a note or task with someone in your team, they have access to it, and then can also choose to stop seeing it if they don't need it any more.

    With Mailbutler’s Notes, Tasks and Collaborators features, the opportunities for collaboration are practically endless. So, what are you waiting for? Download Mailbutler today and get a 14-day free trial.

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