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Tracking details just got supercharged!

Mailbutler has redesigned the tracking details for its feature Email Tracking, making it cleaner and easier.

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    By James

    James has seven years' experience as a Content Marketer, bylines on Left Foot Forward, Submittable, and INOMICS, and a Master's in History. In his free time he likes to read, play guitar, and write for his personal blog.

    Mailbutler Brings Powerful Tracking Insights to Apple Mail, Outlook and Gmail

    Great news: Tracking Details just got a redesign to bring you even more powerful insight to your email performance.

    Whether you're a Tracking user of Mailbutler, or you’ve just discovered this feature in your inbox (where have you been?!), read on to see what’s improved in your new Tracking Details!

    What's new and why?

    Email tracking is the silver bullet of every successful business and team to optimize prospect, client and internal communications.

    Our email extension for Apple Mail, Outlook and Gmail allows you to see when your contact opens your email, clicks on your links, and provides you additional context such as open location and device.

    So, what's new in the redesign? The previous version showed a timeline with details such as the opened location, device, OS…of the email itself and links included.

    Painpoints and requests:

    • Apart from the first open time, users also requested a ‘last opened’ (similar to the last seen on IM)
    • No filter option to see how a certain campaign link is performing
    • You’ve also requested for us to bring back country flags as an indicator of open location

    Your feedback helped us further improve Mailbutler as a robust tool for keeping track of prospect and client communication.

    After months of work, we're really excited today to share with you what's new!

    Improved Tracking activity stream

    Our UX team did a fantastic job in redesigning the activity stream to help you get more out of every email, without information overload.

    The most recent open is displayed at the top with a beautiful gradient timeline that automatically logs every open action of your recipient.

    • (New) You can now filter to see when your recipient opened one of your links:

    • Key information such as location, device, browser are now displayed in icons on the right:

    Reveal hidden insights to your email performance

    Mailbutler’s Tracking is a killer feature for professionals who rely on emails for client and prospect communication, as it takes away the guessing part of your outreach efforts.

    Now, it also brings you actionable metrics to help you communicate better each time you send a message.

    Open and Reply Insights in Tracking Details give you valuable information to help you plan the next steps in your communication

    1. Open Insights: the first and most recent open time, and total number of opens
    2. Reply Insights: your recipient's open and reply time, and your wait time.

    The latest update brings a long-awaited upgrade to Mailbutler's powerful email tracker.

    Evaluate and optimize the performance of your email opens, campaign links and response time...all without leaving your inbox!

    See exactly who has opened your email

    Those using Apple Mail and an IMAP or iCloud email address can now use our Per Recipient Tracking feature to see exactly who has opened their email.

    This works when you send an email to multiple recipients: in the tracking details section, you will be able to specifically see who has opened your email and link, alongside all the other information Mailbutler offers.

    You can head to our Support Center to see how to check if this feature is available for you; remember, it's only available on our Professional+ and Business plans.

    Advance your business goals with Email Tracking

    Gone are the days when sales reps, freelancers and marketing teams stay clueless about what their prospects think. Take a look at how you can instantly benefit from Email Tracking with Mailbutler:

    Tracking for Sales

    No matter your industry, email was always a guessing game for most sales reps. Some leads get back, but most of them don't. So, how do you effectively prioritize interested leads?

    Mailbutler's Tracking keeps you in the loop at every stage of your outreach efforts, so you can easily track and optimize communication for qualified leads.

    An extra tip?

    Pair this with Email Templates, you can find out how long your recipients have left your email unanswered after reading, how long you've waited to hear back, and evaluate the effectiveness of your sales copy.

    Tracking for Business Development

    The key to building lasting relationships and driving long-term growth is to understand the habits of your business partners.

    With tracking insights from Mailbutler, you can follow up proactively with prospects based on their interaction with your email, such as their typical open time, device, and location.

    Don't forget to keep each conversation personal and consistent by scheduling follow-ups that are tailored to your clients' usual open time.

    Tracking for Freelancers

    Email Tracking helps freelancers to effectively manage time and communication with clients. With Mailbutler, you're always informed about your clients’ read status of unprocessed invoices.

    Easily keep track of payments and follow up at relevant times: every time you see a notification that a client has opened an important email, you’re one step closer to securing the next paycheck!

    To get the most out of the feature, enable both Open Tracking and Link Tracking when you send an email.

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    Comments (10)

    1. Is there a way to find out which addresses opened the email instead of which device?

      23 Apr 2019
      • Hi Tony! At the moment Mailbutler doesn’t differentiate between addresses in tracked opens. We have no foreseeable plans to offer per-recipient tracking, but we appreciate your feedback. Let us know if you need anything else. Cheers, Simone

        24 Apr 2019
    2. My MailButler says I’m using the latest version but I don’t see these new tracking features (Apple Mail)…

      23 Apr 2019
      • Hi Marty, thanks for letting us know about this. The new Tracking Details is available in Mailbutler v.1516 or higher. Please make sure you are running the latest version that is supported in your macOS:

        24 Apr 2019
        • Mine says v1422… If you’re saying it’s available in v1516 or higher, why does my version say it is the latest?

          24 Apr 2019
        • Ok, now this morning it is showing an update available. Before, it said my version (1422) was the latest… Thanks!

          24 Apr 2019
          • Ok, have updated to latest version and now the “undo send” box has stopped popping up. My preferences still has the feature turned on. Is this no longer working the same way?

            24 Apr 2019
    3. Love the look of this, but being able to see which recipients have opened an email (ie. one that is cc’d to more than one recipient) is essential for me.

      23 Apr 2019
      • Hi Alex, thanks so much for the feedback! At the moment we have no foreseeable plans to offer per-recipient email tracking.

        24 Apr 2019
    4. Same here: the most important is WHO opened it… which email address, not necessarily on what device.

      24 Apr 2019

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