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How experts use email tracking: Real life examples and tips

Here are real-world examples of using email tracking for business communication, tactics that experts have tried, and tips for beginners.

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    By James

    James has seven years' experience as a Content Marketer, bylines on Left Foot Forward, Submittable, and INOMICS, and a Master's in History. In his free time he likes to read, play guitar, and write for his personal blog.

    Email tracking is one of the most useful features you can add to your email application. It can speed up your workflow and give you essential insights into your contacts and their working days.

    Read receipts means you know exactly when and with whom you need to follow up, and perhaps more importantly, show you who you shouldn't be wasting your time on.

    Email tracking can give you other important insights, too.

    Say you track all your emails and come to the conclusion that most people open your messages on their mobiles rather than their computers.

    This is good to know because it will define your email design.

    All your emails should be responsive across all devices, of course, but you can still edit the design and style of your messages to better fit the device your recipient will be opening your message.

    Key Takeaways

    • Identify Patterns: Use email tracking to see trends in recipient behavior and improve email strategies.
    • Improve Content: Track email performance to find effective subject lines and engaging content types.
    • Change Design: Adjust email designs based on device preferences of recipients.
    • Track Candidates: Monitor responses from job applicants to improve the hiring process.
    • Watch Affiliate Links: Track clicks on affiliate links to see which content drives revenue.
    • Help Job Search: Use tracking to know if job application emails are being opened.

    Tracking emails is easy with Mailbutler. Mailbutler lets you see when both your emails and any links included in your emails are opened.

    You also get important insights into when, where, how often and on which device your messages and links were opened.

    Finally, for those using Apple Mail and specific email addresses, you can send a message to multiple recipients and see exactly which of your contacts has opened your email.

    Unlimited Email Tracking

    Mailbutler Email Tracking fits right into your Outlook, Gmail or Apple Mail directly alongside your inbox.

    Yes, they do! Some people might be worried that their email tracker won't work, particularly since Apple Mail introduced its Privacy Protection.

    However, Mailbutler's Email Tracking feature still works even with Privacy Protection enabled - the only difference is that the country and device may not show.

    However, times, dates, and a general geographical location - North America or Europe, for example - will still be available.

    Mailbutler's Email Tracking also works far better than other clients' tracking details, for example Outlook: in Outlook, recipients have to reply with confirmation if they want their read receipt to be shown to the sender. And Google doesn't offer a native email tracking feature in Gmail.

    Mailbutler simply does this automatically, so you will always get your read receipts on emails you track.

    Do email trackers actually work?

    Now let's hear from our selected experts:

    Uncovering patterns

    "Tracking your emails in Outlook allows you to identify trends in your target audience. As you send email content, you may see that many consumers open your promotional emails but do not click anything.

    Alternatively, you may discover that individuals only click on links in your advertising emails.

    This knowledge is essential for identifying patterns in your audience and how they act.

    When you understand user behavior better, you can tailor your campaigns to these trends and make your material more attractive to subscribers."

    Steve Anderson, Chief Executive Officer at Junk Yard Near Me

    Finding out what works and what doesn't

    "Email tracking gives the data one needs to design a potent email marketing strategy.

    Without this tool, the whole exercise is just shooting in the dark. You can compare emails with better open rates and find out the commonalities.

    For instance, I always look at the subject lines to find out what sort of phrasing and words are encouraging the receivers to open the mail.

    I try to replicate this sort of messaging in future emails to get better results from the campaigns."

    Elice Max, Co-Owner and Marketing Director of EMUCoupon

    Elice Max, Co-Owner and Marketing Director of EMUCoupon

    We use it in our hiring process

    "To track when a candidate has been contacted, and whether or not they have responded to our outreach.

    This helps us to determine the next steps in the hiring process for all the candidates we've outreached on LinkedIn or other job portals and recruitment funnels, and also allows us to keep track of which candidates are most engaged.

    Email tracking can also be used for customer support.

    By tracking which emails your customers are opening and clicking on, you can see which topics they are most interested in.

    This information can then be used to prioritize support requests and ensure that your team is focusing on the right things."

    Linda Shaffer, Chief People Operations Officer Checkr

    Linda Shaffer, Chief People Operations Officer Checkr

    Monitor how many of our subscribers click on affiliate links with email tracking

    "This is a key driver of revenue for our business and an important metric that our affiliate partners assess us by. If we don’t track these numbers, we don’t know how effective our content is and our affiliates won’t know if it’s worth their time and money to invest in us.

    Similar post: Read receipt in Gmail

    My main advice with email tracking is to incentivize your readers to click the links.

    One way to do this is by adding links to discount codes and internal links to other content on your website so that they never leave your "ecosystem"."

    Tim White, Founder of Milepro

    email tracking to improve email marketing content

    To improve email content

    "We are an online store and send hundreds of emails to our subscribers. We use email tracking to improve our email marketing content and know the interest of our customers in opening and reading our emails.

    For example, a few months ago, we launched an email marketing campaign that couldn’t succeed.

    The email tracking helped us know that most recipients opened the email but didn’t spend much time reading or taking action.

    It clearly showed that our content was dry, without images, infographics, videos, visuals, etc. After improving the email content, we saw good results."

    Angus Chang, Co-Founder & Director of iupilon

    Angus Chang, Co-Founder & Director of iupilon

    Email tracker for a job hunt

    Email tracking was incredibly helpful while I was in the midst of the job hunt.

    During the hiring boom after the pandemic, it felt like everyone was applying to every single job opening that I was, and I was feeling overwhelmed and a little hopeless.

    When I started using an email tracker, I was surprised at how much it reenergized my efforts.

    Knowing if the emails I had sent had been opened yet— or were even being opened at all— made a huge difference and helped me keep moving.

    Coralee Bechteler, Business and Tech Specialist at Step by Step Business

    Coralee Bechteler, Business and Tech Specialist at Step by Step Business




    As we've seen, email tracking is great for a multitude of reasons: uncovering the patterns of your contacts' responses, improving the content of your messages, checking to see if your contacts are taking the actions you want them to take, and much more.

    The best way to do this is by using Mailbutler's Email Tracking feature, which you can check out after registering for a free profile.

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