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Meet the Updated and Improved Follow-Up Reminder Feature

The Follow-up Reminder feature from Mailbutler has been revamped. Learn more about the update and how it helps you run a successful business.

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    By Tobias

    After his studies in industrial engineering at RWTH Aachen University, Tobias co-founded Mailbutler GmbH together with Fabian in 2015. In his free time, he spends most of his time in the garden and with his son Timo.

    Conferences, stand-ups, random chats at the watercooler – most are either done virtually or are on hold. At least, they are for the many people and companies in covid lockdown. This all means one thing. With so much business now being done online, your follow-up is more important than ever before.

    Networking with prospects, managing projects, communicating with colleagues – I’m sure you’d agree these are all pretty diverse situations. Naturally, they all require equally diverse responses. Not just in terms of language or style, but also in terms of organization. You have to remember when to follow up on a meeting, when to contact a lead, and when to catch up with your team. 

    Well, we’re right here to help you with all that. That’s why we’re so excited to reveal the new and improved version of Mailbutler’s Follow-Up Reminder Feature. Here’s what you get:

    • It now allows you to set rules when you receive replies from Follow-Up Reminders
    • You can also set a Follow-Up Reminder for every email you send, helping your inbox stay organized by default
    Follow-up Reminder preferences
    • You can add a Follow-Up Reminder to a Contact, helping you remember who to follow up with
    • It takes you just one click to set a Follow-Up Reminder – from inside your inbox. You have multiple default timing options ranging from one hour through to a month. There’s also the option to receive reminders during working hours only.
    • You receive a notification at the exact time you set the Follow-Up Reminder which opens the email you need to follow-up.
    • Mailbutler now shows you the progress of your Follow-Up Reminders, so you can instantly see what’s completed and what needs your attention. You get 3 separate reminder stages: Waiting for reply, Reply received, Done



    With covid lockdown continuing for so many Mailbutler customers, we hope these updates help you get email working hard for you. Each has been designed to help you manage your time, stay on top of your follow-ups, and keep your communication flowing and your customers happy.

    Check out our second blog post for more on the importance of following up the right way. And please let us know your thoughts on the updated feature below. How will you use it in your business? Any tips you want to share regarding good follow-up practice?

    Don’t forget to read our article “How to never forget to follow-up” which will give you insights into how to make your business grow.

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