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NEW: Use Mailbutler in German!

Mailbutler is now available in German! This makes our plugin more inclusive and easier to use for our European users.

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    By James

    James has five years' experience as a Content Marketer, bylines on Left Foot Forward, Submittable, and INOMICS, and a Master's in History. In his free time he likes to read, play guitar, and write for his personal blog.

    You have been requesting multilingual support of Mailbutler for quite awhile – for the last couple of months, our team worked day and night, going back to our roots to fine-tune every part of your Mailbutler experience. Today, we’re excited to share that Mailbutler (1509) now fully supports German! πŸŽ‰

    Mailbutler's Email Attachment Reminder in German

    You now have the option to switch to German in Mailbutler (1509), which also includes your web Dashboard interface. If your device supports the latest version, you will automatically receive an update notification within the next few days.

    How to change your default language

    This article shows you how to easily change the language setting of Mailbutler (app and web Dashboard).

    Mailbutler's Email Tracking and Link Tracking features in German

    If you run into any problems, our team ( is always here to help.

    Your feedback is important to us

    German: complete βœ… Up next: so much more!

    This update marks the first step of our project to provide Mailbutler in multiple languages. Do let us know how you like Mailbutler in German – your feedback is how we can continue to optimize the experience.

    Thanks again for your support, and we look forward to hearing from you!

    Simone and your Mailbutler team

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