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Giving Constructive Advice: An Interview with Robin Hayhurst

In this interview, we talk to property developer Robin Hayhurst about his consulting company which specializes in providing coaching, mentoring, and consulting services to clients.

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    By Tiffany

    Tiffany studied Language and Economics, and now likes to write about business topics and conduct interviews with interesting people. She spends her free time looking after her plants and with her dog.

    Robin Hayhurst has worked in property development all his life in different positions. He was most recently working as Managing Director of a development and construction company when he decided to make a fresh start and follow his passion: helping people. So Robin founded Property Projects Consultants Ltd., a consulting company that specializes in providing coaching, mentoring, and consulting services to clients such as sub-contractors, contractors, and property developers.

    Robin, we’re so happy to have the chance to talk to you today. Let’s start right away with some easy questions, that will give us an idea of who Robin Hayhurst is. 

    The first thing I do in the morning before I start working … ?

    I get up, eat lightly, read for 30 minutes, and try to exercise most mornings. As a family, before lockdown, we bought a Peloton bike and I love doing early morning HIIT on it, enjoying a nice coffee (I do like my coffee), and then starting work. 

    I wouldn’t get through the day without… ?

    One cup of coffee. I am a little caffeine sensitive, so I limit myself most days to 1 cup. 

    One thing I can do better than anyone else…. ?

    I have the ability to look outside the box and see a problem from a different Perspective.

    The most flattering thing a client has ever said to me… ?

    Well, that would be simple -- thank you, you have made a huge difference to my business and really understood the problems we face.

    An important characteristic a good coach should have… ?‍

    I believe he should understand the industry he coaches or mentors in and be a very good listener.

    Thanks, Robin! Now let’s get down to business! We’d be happy to learn more about your professional career. You’ve recently founded your own company „Property Projects Consultants Ltd“. Could you give us some details about what you're doing, exactly?

    We help people in construction, development, and property succeed in business, both new companies, and established ones. We use our experience so we can really say we have walked a mile in their shoes.

    Are you working with people from the construction sector only or are you counseling private people who are planning to e.g. build a house as well?

    I can help people build their own houses but I give the best value when working with companies and their founders. I stop them from being overwhelmed and put in place simple systems that lead to success. 

    You also founded the „Board of Peers“. What is it all about?

    The Board of Peers is a peer-to-peer group that is made of company owners that are involved with the housing and construction industry. They help each other with their challenges. The best way to describe it is a Board of non-executive directors to help each member company. It's not for everybody as you need to give as well as take and brutal honesty is key. 

    Sounds super interesting! Why is the combination of working for Property Projects Consultants and the Board of Peers exactly the right thing for you to do?

    We are currently going through a crisis with COVID. I believe this is a time when we should be supporting each other. I love what I do and get real satisfaction from helping others. I become passionate about their businesses and work very hard to make sure all my clients succeed. 

    What is it like to work as your own boss? Are there any particular advantages and disadvantages?

    I have worked as my own boss for almost 20 years running other companies through failure and success. I have a great team around me and fantastic clients, so no real disadvantages. The advantage is that I have a lot of flexibility in how I spend my day and lots of variation as no two clients are the same. 

    I imagine that you have a lot on your plate, having started two projects almost at the same time. How does Mailbutler help you stay on top of your workflow?

    Mailbutler is invaluable. I can schedule reminders straight from my emails and I know when somebody has read an email or used a link. I can also save notes straight to Evernote. I came across the app by accident and was so pleased I did! 

    Thanks a lot for your time Robin! All the best to you!


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