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Email in no time.

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The email extension that does it all.

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Message Templates

Write your emails faster and easier. Turn often-sent messages into easy-to-use templates, so you can spend less time composing, more time on meaningful conversations.


Follow-up Reminders

Never miss opportunities because of forgotten emails again. Maibutler keeps you in the loop so you can always stay on track. Get notified when it's time to follow up on an important email.


Notes & Tasks

Organized ideas = Organized mind. Add reminders and notes to your emails, share with your team and sync them with your favourite productivity app - all without leaving your inbox.


Tracked emails


Created Notes & Tasks


Scheduled emails

Features designed to redefine your inbox.

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Know exactly if and when your emails and links are being opened and clicked - take action at the right time, to the right person.

Send Later

Schedule your emails for any desired time and optimize touch points based on you and your contacts' availability.


Leave a lasting impression, drive conversions and promote your brand easily with Mailbutlers professional signature templates.


One way ticket to Inbox Zero. Snooze your messages for later, stay focused and manage emails the way that fits your workflow.

Connect Maibutler with all your favorite productivity apps:

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and more to come...

Discover even more priceless features:

  • Undo Send

    Recall your outgoing message before it's delivered and undo mistakes.

  • Attachment reminder

    Get reminded when you forget to include a file in your email.

  • BCC to CRM

    Automatically send a copy of all your outgoing messages to your favorite CRM.

  • Analytics

    Gain insight to your usage, saved time and email performance all in once glance.

...and say hi to a refreshingly clear inbox.

Emails, meet Maibutler

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