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How does the Mailbutler staff use Mailbutler?

The Mailbutler staff shares how they like to use Mailbutler and which of its features are their favorites.

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    By James

    James has seven years' experience as a Content Marketer, bylines on Left Foot Forward, Submittable, and INOMICS, and a Master's in History. In his free time he likes to read, play guitar, and write for his personal blog.

    Sometimes, you might find a new extension, plugin or solution, and need some more personal stories from the people who actually use its features. We’ve already written in the past about some of the professionals who use Mailbutler and which of their features are their favorites - but sometimes, getting this information straight from the horse’s mouth is best.

    So how do the people who know Mailbutler the best actually use Mailbutler - our team?

    Julia, Customer Success Manager


    "The Notes and Tasks features are my favourite Mailbutler features. I think they are features that are essential if you’re working in a team. I use them a lot to share information with my colleagues in the Support Team or to create to-dos for the team.

    The ability to add Notes and Tasks is what keeps both my inbox and my whole workday organised. And of course, I also rely on this feature to help me manage my private communication. I just love it!"

    Callan, Head of Email Marketing


    "Emails are, of course, important to everyone, but as the Head of Email Marketing at Mailbutler, there are a couple of features that I find especially important - like the Signatures feature.

    Normally, creating custom signature designs for emails is time-consuming and requires no small amount of creativity and design skill. But with the Mailbutler Signatures feature, I can quickly and easily insert information, photos, and links into well-designed signatures.

    Moreover, I can customise the design to match our brand with just a couple of clicks. It really makes my job (and life) that much easier!"

    Tiffany, Product Owner, Marketing and Website


    "The Mailbutler Templates feature is definitely the feature I use the most!

    In my job, I often write almost identical emails, especially when it comes to correspondence with partners and collaborations or contact with customers. Since things often have to be done quickly, I have created a template for every different email I need to send. They are nicely formulated, optimally formatted and, of course, checked for typos.

    Now I have the right template for most cases and can answer emails within seconds - always knowing that my answer is as good as it can be."

    Iuliia, Product Owner


    "My favourite Mailbutler feature is Tracking. I believe it really assists our users in planning and getting to know their business partners better.

    Communication is the key to success. To send your message at the right time (of course with the right proposal) is the most important thing. Thanks to Mailbutler Tracking, it’s no longer guesswork or luck - you know exactly when you need to send your message to have an optimum impact!"

    Fabian, CTO


    "My favorite Mailbutler feature is the activity list, which works for me as an extra to-do list. Whenever something happens with my emails, I see a new entry in the activity feed. I can check these entries one by one and mark them as 'seen', which makes them disappear automatically from the feed.

    Using this feature, I can work through the events and reach a state without any unseen activities. With this great feature I am always informed about my communication and everything revolving around them."


    So there you have it - how we here at Mailbutler, use Mailbutler. As you can see, each of us has our own favorite feature. However, Mailbutler's features are best used in tandem, as they all complement each other! Try it out today for 14 days for free.

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    Comments (4)

    1. The feature we are all waiting for is to summarize daily unopened email in your inbox – and – be able to tick down and disposition each one in the list – for example, file, respond today, delete, respond now etc. Also, it would be useful to track who in the organization is sending the most USELESS and/or frequent emails. My partner is a physician in a large academic institution and the volume of emails per day is out of control – this would be a game changer. I have managed ti by having four email accounts, each with rules that keep the noise down.

      21 Sep 2023
      • Hi Jeff, thanks so much for your feedback. You can always request new features and functionality by heading to our Feature Requests page: https://roadmap.mailbutler.io/feature-requests If your suggestions are already there, you can upvote the post.

        26 Sep 2023
    2. Mailbulter does not work properly in the “new outlook” application. It is not present in the ribbon as in the traditional version.

      25 May 2024
      • Hi Nicolaj, thanks for your comment. Mailbutler is supported in the New Outlook version. I’m sorry that something appears not to be working properly for you. We have just sent you an email to further investigate the issue.

        28 May 2024

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