How Working From Home Can Positively Impact Your Work-Life Balance

Working from home can sometimes be difficult, but if done properly it can improve your work-life balance. Mailbutler explains.

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    By Tiffany

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    Depending where you live, it has been almost a week since you have been social distancing. At first, you were probably a bit bored and unproductive, but now you have a routine so you can accomplish more in one day. On top of that, social distancing is perfect for spending time with your loved ones, pets, and discovering new skills and hobbies. To help your social distance, here is a list on how it can positively impact your work-life balance

    1. No more commuting 🚘

    Regardless of where you live, you probably have to commute at least 30 minutes to work everyday, which can be exhausting. With social distancing, all you have to do is commute to your designated work area. Now that you gain these hours back, you have more time to spend with your loved ones, partner, pets, and to practice your hobbies! 

    2. Choose your own work hours 🕗

    When your work from home, you have the freedom to choose your own work hours. You may have to be present for a meeting or two, but beyond that you can work when you wish. If you have a child, it is good because you can try to schedule your workday around them. It is also perfect if you are more productive in the early morning or late night. Now you work during your most productive hours! 

    3. Dress for success 👔

    When you are social distancing, it may be appealing to wear pyjamas or sweatpants, because it is more comfortable. However, you should put on normal working clothes, so it will make your day seem more routine. By dressing like you are going to work, it will make you feel like you are at the office

    4. Take a long lunch break 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳

    Take a long lunch break, so that you can make something healthy or your favourite comfort food. Use this time to increase your cooking skills and maybe you will be on the next season of Top Chef! 

    5. Your whole team is available on chat 💬

    Since you started social distancing, you may have noticed that the whole team is available to chat. It is perfect to reach out to colleagues who are constantly having meetings. Now, you can reach them easily, because you know that they are online and available! 

    6. Use your after work time to be more productive 🏠

    Now that you can only do activities at your home, you have probably noticed that you more time for household chores, like deep cleaning your home. For example, you can do laundry consistently instead of waiting until the last moment. On top of that, you can also declutter your wardrobe and any other storage space! By the end of social distancing, you will be the new Marie Kondo! 

    7. You can be active at home 💻

    Depending on where you live, most gyms are closed, so you will have to become creative about staying active. Good thing that there is an endless supply of your Youtube content that is perfect for this time. A difficult yet fun one is this Squat Challenge. Are you up for it? 

    8. Enjoy your free time to the fullest❗️

    There are a lot of activities, you can still do during social distancing. For example, you can: 

    • Learn a language 
    • Read a book 
    • Binge The Sopranos 
    • Watch a long film 
    • Play The Sims
    • Go for a walk, but maintain a six feet (two meter) distance. 

    The list goes on! Who said that social distancing wasn’t fun?!

    9. Remain in social contact with your friends and family 🤳

    Social distancing does not mean losing social contact. You can still FaceTime or call your mom, dad, extended family members, grandma, friends, and colleagues, because they are most-likely lonely or bored.  You can even have a virtual cocktail hour with everyone to help the time pass. 

    10. Stay calm 💪

    I know that some of you may have difficulty social distancing. Just remember, the more we social distance, the less time we will have to be inside in the future. So stay calm and this will all be over before you know it! 

    And if you want to know more about how to stay productive while working from home, keep reading this interesting article!

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