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Increase productivity in the workplace: Easy tips to follow

Finding your organization becoming less productive? Mailbutler can help with some tips on how to maintain productivity in the workplace.

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    By Tiffany

    Tiffany studied Language and Economics, and now likes to write about business topics and conduct interviews with interesting people. She spends her free time looking after her plants and with her dog.

    Productivity is the core ingredient for the growth and success of any organization. I agree with the point that work-life balance is a myth, and being a woman myself, it is not always easy to manage both with efficiency.

    So, here comes the role that productivity plays in the efficiency of the company and automatically provides us with some free time for the family too.

    Getting a productive environment within the organization will boost efficiency, and ultimately, the graph of personal growth will rise with it too. 

    Today, the business is moving fast. New tools and techniques are here to keep up with the pace, but human interaction is irreplaceable. You wake up in the morning, and the market will show completely different trends for the industries.

    Being an entrepreneur and a female – it has been a challenge for me to manage my team along with the efficiency of work. 

    Why Are Organizations Failing Today?

    The prominent reason for the organization’s failure is a lack of efficiency. It only lacks when a company has low productivity.

    With the increasing trend of freelancing, the ease of working from home has not only enhanced productivity but also provided a vast number of opportunities for the new generation.

    However, still, some companies still require on-site employees, and managing your team, along with productivity, is not child’s play. 

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    As much as we need the planning for the next five years along with the milestones, we need to plan strategies for maintaining a dynamic environment for the company too.

    Even if you manage your team remotely, you will need to implement a few tips and tricks to keep them with you.

    Getting someone to work with the same vision and passion is only possible if you can preserve the culture of positivity within your team. 

    Tips To Enhance the Productivity of Your Team & Organization

    The years of experience have given me the confidence to provide you with all the tested and tried tips, so if you are starting over in your company.

    You can build up the right environment in your organization and grow with pride.

    1. Create a Safe Environment from the Beginning

    Make sure you have a safe place for the team so they feel free to turn to you concerning harassment or other troubling cases. You can also provide emergency numbers and have an in-person meeting with a victim and culprit to sort out the matter.

    Just offer them a safe environment to talk about it with anyone they feel safe talking about. 

    2. Treat Problems as an Opportunity

    You are running a business and issues regarding anything e.g., IT, HR, resources, or personal issues relevant to the work can occur at any hour. Instead of panicking, work to build solutions.

    Draw them towards the opportunities, rather than yelling and pointing fingers. 

    Also, investing in employees' development helps keep them engaged and loyal to the company. Offering training programs, workshops, and opportunities for advancement shows that the company values its growth.

    How Mailbutler can help you:

    Address issues quickly and positively. Mailbutler can help with this. Its email tracking feature shows if important messages have been read, preventing miscommunication.

    email tracking with Mailbutler

     Task management helps organize and prioritize work, making problem-solving more efficient. These features can help you spot and fix issues promptly, turning challenges into chances for improvement. By staying organized and informed, your team can handle problems better and learn from them.

    3. Encourage Social Gatherings

    Organizing social events can improve team bonds and communication.

    Plan social gatherings, short trips, or dinners to enjoy some light mood other than from work. This can be done daily during a lunch break too. These interactions allow employees to connect on a personal level. This can lead to better teamwork and a more cohesive work environment.

    Celebrate their achievements in the company and your appreciated employee will work efficiently for you. 

    4. Bring Clarity to the Daily Routine Tasks

    Transparency is important. Do not provide vague information, trust your team, and give them charge of the tasks you are assigning. Let them take hold of it and give you their best skills. 

    Make sure daily tasks are clear and organized. Mailbutler’s Smart Assistant can help with this. It suggests tasks based on your emails, helping you stay on top of important activities.

    Mailbutler's Task Finder

    5. Offer Rewards to Boost The Energy

    Rewards, gifts, or simple words of appreciation can do wonders. It provides a boost to the energy of a person, and they don’t perform a job because of obligation, but for love and passion. 

    Acknowledging hard work and achievements boosts morale and motivates employees. This doesn't always have to be monetary; public recognition, additional time off, or small perks can be very effective.

    Regularly highlighting successes ensures that employees feel appreciated and valued. A culture of recognition can inspire others to perform at their best, knowing their efforts will be noticed.

    6. Engage Your Team on a Personal Level

    After all these years, I firmly believe in the saying by Robert Wilson, research analyst for Australian Master:

    “A business or the organization is doomed to fail if they fail to understand the personal development needs of your employees.”

    Show concern for their health and personal issues. No one has a perfect life, and having someone to share the problem can be a blessing. Be the one for your employees and understand them. 

    7. Get Feedback and Suggestions 

    Never shy from providing input. If you hire learners, you will know feedback works as fuel for them.

    Also, include them in team decisions and take their suggestions too. 

    Regular feedback helps employees understand their strengths and areas for improvement. Constructive feedback guides them towards better performance.

    Implementing a system for ongoing feedback ensures continuous development and improvement.

    8. Communicate

    Clear communication prevents misunderstandings and errors, saving time and effort. Using simple and direct language ensures everyone understands their tasks and goals. Regular updates and feedback sessions help keep everyone on the same page.

    Communication is a skill that you should master regardless of your position. If you don’t choose your words wisely, you may lose someone productive from your team.

    Avoid assuming and cultivate the culture of asking each other and engaging on every level, emotional, or work. 

    9. Cultivate the Culture of Consistency

    Consistency is the ultimate key to productivity. You cannot ignore the fact that if your employee feels little stability while working with you – they will not leave anytime soon. So, offer them some consistent benefits for their growth and success. 

    10. Build a Fun & Positive Environment

    Hire carefully and ensure they are tolerant of each other. It is the only way to maintain a fun and positive environment in the team. Do not allow petty issues to rise above the vision of the company.

    Plan some productive games as short breaks. Your employees will work efficiently after these healthy games. 

    11. Implement Flexible Work Policies

    Flexible work policies, such as remote work options or flexible hours, can lead to higher productivity and job satisfaction. Allowing employees to work in a way that suits their personal lives helps reduce stress and increase focus.

    Trusting employees to manage their own schedules can result in better performance and a healthier work-life balance.

    12. Promote Health and Wellness

    Encourage a healthy lifestyle among employees by offering wellness programs. This can include gym memberships, healthy snacks, and mental health support.

    A healthy workforce is more energetic and less likely to take sick days. Promoting wellness leads to better overall productivity and job satisfaction.

    Final Thoughts 

    Your employees are the main assets of your company. If you fail to cater to their personal and career development needs, you will always lose, and hiring a new resource every other day will influence the productivity of the company on a huge level.

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