How to Effectively Use Emojis in Email Marketing

Emojis can be a powerful marketing strategy, and they're often neglected by marketers. Mailbutler gives you some tips on how to best use them.

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Impact & Popularity of Emojis 

This might come as a bit of a surprise for some, but emojis are considered a powerful method to convey messages when marketing products and services. However, their impact is quite impressive even when we speak of them in general. For instance, did you know that there are over 3,304 emojis in the Unicode Standard? The most potent emojis as of October 2019 include a face with tears of joy, red heart, smiling face with heart eyes, and ROFL, to name a few. However, their actual potential can be seen in marketing and social campaigns. It is here where we find them to be quite engaging for audiences and encouraging a positive response from their end. That is why, in this post, we would like to share with you some of the ways through which you can use emojis in your marketing emails.

So let’s take a quick look at each one of them:     

7 Ways to Effectively Use Them in Marketing Emails

1. Adding Emotional Value

There are times when the verbosity you apply within your emails might sound professional but loses its impact due to a monotonous and mechanical feel it generates. To get rid of this robotic and steely feel, one could simply add some emojis to make the email sound livelier and add an extra flavor to them. Thus what you are doing is augmenting your email’s outlook and adding feelings as well as an emotional attachment to them. However, there needs to be a balance that could imply that you use surgical precision to utilize such emojis at ideal positions. Overdoing them would make you deteriorate your email’s momentum and urgency.      

2. Audience Preferences

A lot of the time, catering to your audience preferences can offer you miraculous results. Hence if you are writing a marketing email for a possible candidate or prospect, it is better that you study them first. This will give you an edge as it will enable you to communicate in a more effective manner that incorporates both extrinsic and intrinsic values your audience readily identifies with. Hence if you add emojis to your email, do so by first figuring out their individual preferences. Customized and personalized emails always have a higher chance of succeeding than the same old and boring memo format that others follow. It is time you stood out and made a powerful statement about your brand. 

3. Using Specific Emojis Guided By Trends

On the other hand, the majority of the time, some of the emojis you will find have an ongoing trend going around them. For example, the emoji known as the “person tipping hand,” which you can find on almost all major platforms, had its own worldwide trend going for the past five years. This emoji was available for a vast number of popular platforms, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and WhatsApp, to name a few. Thus if you follow this right, then using specific emojis in your emails while following the right trend can offer you a better CTR (click-through-rate). Again the emphasis is on the appropriate execution here.

4. Emojis in Subject Lines

There have been a lot of surveys conducted in the past that shows a positive correlation between emojis in subject lines and readers opening those emails. However, it would come to you as quite a shock that the same study shows that only 2% of companies use this tactic. However, there are several ways one could find to defend and go against the statistics. Subject lines are touchy and sensitive to manage; probably, that is why we see many companies avoiding taking the risk. However, those who dared were able to obtain extremely fruitful returns for their sense of bravery. 

5. Heightened Reader Rate

Nobody likes to read these days; the majority of the content form that receives the most hits from global audiences is audio, visual, and video-centric. However, when you include emojis into your text, it somehow breaks the monotony and makes your appeal go just a bit higher. Let’s face it, after the centennials, the age of Millennials will be upon us. It is time we learn to speak their language and communicate with them according to their styles and preferences. While nobody likes to be disrespected, there is a thing like being too courteous, which makes your customers feel awkward. Emojis show acceptance and give things a much lighter twist. Just like wearing a Spiderman Jacket in public would make many heads turn!    

6. Appropriate Context

There is no doubt that even the wrong image can cause havoc amongst the marketing world. You do not want to put out any double entendre. The same goes for your use of emojis. You simply cannot take them out of context and put them as a standalone concept. 

People like to perceive your message as a connection to what you want to say to them. Hence an inappropriate emoji in your message can lead to disastrous results. That is exactly why you should use caution before utilizing them as a part of your electronic mail platform. This is because once a mistake is committed, the damages it can deliver may have a much broader scope than you could have imagined.      

7. Mobile Friendliness

Emojis save space, which is why they are considered significant for sending user push notifications on their smartphones. With limited displays, emojis can pack a punch and add more value to your message. In fact, with 5G wireless technology just around the corner, emojis may very well become a standard of communication for many businesses who seek to target people on the move with smartphones in their pockets. 


Emojis can be powerful when used in the right context. It depends significantly on how you apply them to different scenarios in order to reap the maximum results. Hence there is a delicate balance that defines their usage and how your audiences perceive them. In other words, your execution matters a lot. Emojis help breaking the ice and offers a lighter note of things so that you can communicate with your customers and client in a more open setting. However, using emojis in your marketing emails while keeping a check on their trends can help you observe better results with them.

About the Author 

Claudia Jeffrey works as a Content Strategist at Assignment Assistance, where higher education students can acquire professional assistance for coursework writing service on various subjects and topics regarding their academic written tasks. During her free time, she likes to cook for herself and try out new cuisines, particular to different cultures and traditions.

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