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Schedule Your Emails and Never Forget A Birthday Again

With Mailbutler's Send Later feature you can schedule emails and have Mailbutler send them later for you, so you don't have to worry.

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    By Tiffany

    Tiffany studied Language and Economics, and now likes to write about business topics and conduct interviews with interesting people. She spends her free time looking after her plants and with her dog.

    It happens to all of us, you forgot a colleague’s birthday when everyone remembers. The easiest way to stay on top of these things is to schedule a reminder.

    Similarly what if you have a long-time friendly customer with whom you’ve exchanged birthday wishes for years.

    This year, their birthday comes, but you are so busy, that you forgot to send a birthday wish. It could be a little awkward, or worse, it could strain your work relationship with them.

    Mailbutler helps you schedule your birthday wishes

    With Mailbutler, you can use the Send Later feature to schedule emails. It arranges all of your birthday wishes for the entire year. 

    Essentially, you write your emails when it is convenient for you.

    While Mailbutler will automatically send them at the right time. Even if you are offline, Mailbutler will still do the work for you.

    Write your birthday wishes once and send them whenever you need them

    By using the Email Template feature, it allows you to create one birthday message for everyone. By doing so, it is a more efficient way of saying happy birthday to everyone! 

    It is simple. You create an Email Template using Mailbutler that has in it all of the basics of a friendly and cordial birthday note.

    Later when you need to write a message for a specific client, you use the template and even make a personalized note.

    With this feature, you can write all of your birthday wishes efficiently and schedule them throughout the year. Otherwise, you can write them as the day approaches. Either way, you save time and work at your own pace with Mailbutler’s Send Later and Email Template features.


    1. Can you schedule Outlook emails?

    Yes, you can. Here’s how:

    • Write the email
    • Go to Options and select Delay Delivery under More Options
    • Select Do not deliver before under Properties and specify exactly when you want your email to be sent
    • Go back to the email and select Send.

    Please keep in mind that these instructions apply to Outlook 2019 and older versions. It’s also important to note that the scheduling feature works only if Outlook is connected to the internet.

    Integrating Mailbutler into your Outlook inbox is a better way to schedule emails. Mailbutler’s Send Later feature doesn’t require you to be online to do the trick.

    2. Can you schedule Gmail emails?

    Yes, you can. Here’s what you need to do:

    • Compose the message
    • Enter at least one recipient
    • Click the Down arrow (next to Send) and select Schedule send
    • Pick a date and time to send the email.

    Mailbutler works with Gmail, too, which means you can use its Send Later feature to schedule emails quickly and easily.

    3. How do I set up automatic birthday emails?

    It depends on the email client you use. If you have an Outlook, Gmail, or Apple Mail account, you can schedule birthday emails with the help of Mailbutler.

    Mailbutler’s Send Later functionality allows you to arrange all your birthday messages for the whole year. When the specified time comes, Mailbutler will automatically send them, even if you are offline.

    4. How do I automate birthday reminders in Outlook?

    To set up automatic birthday reminders in Outlook, you need to add birthdays to your contacts’ information. Here’s how to do it:

    • Open a contact and click Details on the Contact menu
    • Enter the right date in the Birthday box

    Bear in mind that these instructions apply to Microsoft 365, Outlook 2021, Outlook 2019, and older Outlook versions.

    By default, Outlook sends birthday reminders 15 minutes before the event begins, but you can change the reminder time if you want to be reminded further in advance.

    Give Mailbutler a try!

    Register for Mailbutler here and don’t worry about missing a birthday or anniversary again.

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