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Five ways to email more efficiently for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is stressful enough without having emails to contend with. Mailbutler can help improve your Thanksgiving coordination.

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    By Tiffany

    Tiffany studied Language and Economics, and now likes to write about business topics and conduct interviews with interesting people. She spends her free time looking after her plants and with her dog.

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but you still have a lot to plan before the big feast. You need to send out email invitations and coordinate who is bringing what, all while dealing with the rest of "normal" life.

    Email management can be tricky even without the stress of planning a holiday meal.

    With Mailbutler, you can better manage and organize your emails efficiently so there's no additional stress (at least with regards to your emails!) over Thanksgiving.

    Mailbutler, an email productivity extension for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail, helps you manage your email by giving you more features to add to your favorite email client.

    More specifically, five of Mailbutler’s features will help you thrive this Thanksgiving season, so you can enjoy what really matters: eating turkey, being thankful, and spending time with family!

    De-stress Thanksgiving by using Mailbutler

    Thanksgiving Message Templates 

    What are Email Templates? 

    Mailbutler’s Templates are pre-written messages that you can customize by changing fonts and colors, adding images and GIFs, and so much more!

    Why are Email Templates great for Thanksgiving?

    You can create message templates to send to all of your loved ones inviting them to your meal, as well as sending one to your friends and colleagues wishing them a happy Thanksgiving!

    With Templates, you can personalize your messages to your liking by adding images from your previous Thanksgiving meals, a funny GIF of a turkey, or traditional images of foliage and gorges.

    Templates are a great way of spreading tender-hearted greetings. 

    Personalized communication, especially during festive seasons, fosters deeper connections and shows genuine care. Using customized templates can make recipients feel special and valued.

    Using Send Later over Thanksgiving

    What is Send Later? 

    Send Later is a feature that enables you to schedule emails to be sent at a later time or date. It's the perfect tool for scheduling your emails to be sent when your recipient looks at their inbox, or for future events like a holiday! 

    Why should you use Send Later for Thanksgiving? 

    Send Later is perfect for Thanksgiving because you can create your email templates early and schedule them to be sent a week or so before Thanksgiving.

    It’s a great way to stay organized before all of the coordination stress begins, so when Thanksgiving arrives, you can focus on food and family.

    Send Later can also cancel a scheduled message if your recipient emails you first - so you won't ever send anyone any superfluous information that they already know!

    By scheduling emails in advance, you not only ensure timely communication but also free up mental space, allowing you to focus on other pressing tasks.

    Using Notes to help with Thanksgiving

    What are Notes?

    Mailbutler’s Notes are memos that you can attach to your emails and contacts that you can keep just for yourself or share with your team.

    They're useful when you need to mark down important information in an email or remember a note about a contact. Notes help you stay organized by reminding you of important details.

    How will Notes help you through planning Thanksgiving? 

    Notes will help you stay organized when planning your Thanksgiving party. For example, say you are planning a potluck and you are organizing who is bringing which dish.

    With Notes, you can track who is bringing which dish, so you won’t accidentally have two of the same dish. Notes are a perfect way of managing your Thanksgiving planning by organizing your inbox. 

    By attaching notes to emails, you create a centralized system where all crucial information is easily accessible, reducing the chances of oversight.

    How Tasks can help you over Thanksgiving

    What are Tasks? 

    With Mailbutler, you can turn emails into Tasks on your to-do lists. Tasks allow you to stay organized, right inside your inbox!  

    How can Tasks help you with Thanksgiving? 

    Tasks along with Notes can help you coordinate who is bringing what to your Thanksgiving meal. You can turn their emails into Tasks so it becomes a simple to-do list of what you have to do.

    Tasks are a perfect way to reduce stress because they seamlessly turn your emails and contacts into to-do lists.

    The transformation of emails into actionable tasks bridges the gap between communication and execution.

    Why is Email Tracking the perfect Thanksgiving tool?

    What is Tracking?

    Mailbutler’s Email Tracking feature notifies you when your email or link has been clicked and opened. It's useful to know when your recipient looks at their message, so you can contact them when they are the most engaged - when you know they're online!

    Moreover, if you're using an IMAP or iCloud email account in Apple Mail, you can send a message to multiple recipients and see precisely who has opened your email, making things so much easier!

    How can Email Tracking help you keep track of your relatives?

    We all have that one relative who never responds to messages because they did not “see” or “receive” it. Now you can know if they are ignoring your emails or if they actually don’t look at their inbox. Tracking is a perfect way of staying on top of who is coming, who is bringing food and who is just ignoring you. Maybe that one relative would benefit from a follow-up phone call, rather than another email!

    And with Per Recipient Tracking, described in the section above, you can send one message to all of your family members and see exactly who has opened your message, saving you time. Perfect for Thanksgiving!

    In an era where information overload is common, knowing when your message has been seen allows for timely follow-ups and ensures that your communication doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

    Bonus: Mailbutler's Tags Feature

    Mailbutler's Tags feature, although not explicitly mentioned in the article, is another tool that can be invaluable during the Thanksgiving season. By tagging emails with specific labels, users can quickly categorize and locate emails related to Thanksgiving preparations, guest lists, recipes, and more. This organization ensures that no detail is overlooked and everything runs smoothly.

    Now go and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

    Thanksgiving is about spending time with loved ones. We want to enjoy this time as much as possible. Mailbutler helps you do that by easing the stress of coordinating and planning.

    Use Templates, Send Later, Notes and Tasks, Tracking, and Mailbutler's other features to minimize organization stress! Email management with Mailbutler is the key to a stress-free Thanksgiving.

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