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13 Chrome extensions to send emails like a pro

In this post Mailbutler explains the Chrome extensions that make emailing and sending messages simple and easy.

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    By James

    James has seven years' experience as a Content Marketer, bylines on Left Foot Forward, Submittable, and INOMICS, and a Master's in History. In his free time he likes to read, play guitar, and write for his personal blog.

    It’s no secret that many professionals spend way too much time managing emails. The average worker is estimated to spend at least 4.1 hours a week using their email.

    To be able to focus your skills on more significant tasks, it’s necessary to cut down the time and energy spent combing through emails.

    But trying to prioritize which emails need attention can be less than productive.

    And although Gmail is a powerful tool, there are a host of Chrome extensions and Gmail add-ons that can make you more efficient, reduce inbox clutter, and reduce the “digital distractions” of email.

    Let’s take a look at the best Chrome extensions that can help you achieve this.

    Mailbutler Chrome Extension


    Your Gmail Inbox, Smarter

    Improve your productivity. Get more done out of your inbox.

    Mailbutler is a Chrome extension that has tons of functionality, including a mail tracker, professional pre-designed email signatures, beautiful email templates, and more.

    Mailbutler is also GDPR compliant, comes in multiple languages, allows for email scheduling, setting to-dos and follow-up tasks, AI email writing assistant and more.

    It also makes it simple to share your custom-designed signatures, your tasks, notes and more, across your team.

    Check out how Nick uses Mailbutler:


    Inbox When Ready for Gmail

    The primary function of Inbox When Ready is to lock down your inbox so you only receive emails at specific times of the day.

    This is an excellent tool for those who find they’re constantly checking their email throughout the day.

    This is one of the best extensions for minimizing the amount of time you spend on emails and especially for those who are easily distracted.


    The more emails you write, the more mistakes you make. Grammarly helps with that.

    Grammarly helps you to write more clear and concise sentences.

    It identifies spelling and grammar mistakes and offers suggestions as you write, so you don’t have to do a grammar and spell check afterward.

    Slack for Gmail

    Do you have colleagues that only use Gmail and others who only use Slack?

    Then Slack for Gmail might be able to help you out.

    With this extension you can send emails to Slack from Chrome, saving you from having to switch between the two.

    You can also include attachments that will get automatically uploaded to the appropriate channel/private message.

    FlowCrypt Gmail Encryption

    Even though Gmail has a feature to send confidential emails, FlowCrypt adds an extra layer of protection. The extension adds a “secure compose” button to Gmail.

    Cyber-security buffs and other professionals who deal with legal documents will find it especially useful.

    Zoom for Gmail

    Everybody’s zooming nowadays. And to make it easier, this add-on allows you to start a Zoom meeting within the Gmail interface.

    It also lists for you a schedule of upcoming calls, meetings, and conferences from your inbox.

    It’s a great add-on for colleagues who want to instantly video call each from their inbox.


    FreeBusy makes it quick and easy to schedule meetings in Gmail. It works seamlessly with Google Calendar and offers different booking options to your recipients inside the reply window.

    The time zone feature automatically detects and converts the recipient's time zone to avoid any confusion.


    Trying to locate an attachment you have downloaded is another thing that can affect productivity. Dittach gives you the ability to organize and sort every attachment you have ever received or sent.

    You can filter the files based on whether they are PDFs, photos, slideshows, videos, music, etc.

    You’ll be able to search through your attachments from the Gmail search bar, forward and share attachments directly, and delete them without deleting the email.

    Docusign for Gmail

    Docusign for Gmail is great for anyone who needs to send documents that require a signature directly from their inbox.

    Professionals working in the law, consulting, and marketing industries consider it indispensable.

    Docusign saves a lot of time, as you don't have to wait for someone to print, sign, and scan your document manually.

    Multi Forward for Gmail

    If your organization still primarily uses email for communication, then Multi Forward can help.

    The Multi Forward extension allows users to easily forward received emails to many recipients at once. It’s free to use and there is no registration.

    Digify for Gmail

    Digify gives users the power to track and unsend attachments, and even the ability to set them to self-destruct. This extension is especially useful for those who send out sensitive documents on a daily basis.

    Freelancers find it beneficial when they want someone to preview, but not steal, their work.

    Clearbit Connect

    This is a handy little extension that does something really unique - it gives you all kinds of data on anyone who emails you. That’s right, not just your contacts, but anyone!

    That data includes social media handles, their role in their company, how big their company is, how much funding they have, and more.

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    It’s extremely simple as extensions go. You’ll just see a little widget in your Gmail sidebar.

    It has a super handy search function that will allow you to see all available contacts at a particular company.

    You can then search for people by their name, job title, or role at a company to find exactly who you need to talk to.

    Batch Reply

    Batch Reply is a simple extension that lets you do something you can’t do in Gmail natively — reply to multiple emails with a single email.

    Sure, it’s not always great to send a stock reply to a bunch of different people, but sometimes that’s just what needs to be done.

    With Batch Reply, you can simply select all the emails you want to send a reply to, and then you just write the email like you normally would and send it.

    No more copying and pasting with Batch Reply: if you send out a lot of stock replies, then this will save you a ton of time.

    Improve your email experience with Mailbutler

    Mailbutler allows you to integrate multiple features into your inbox that can make dealing with email more productive and efficient.

    Download our extension here

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