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Recall emails in Apple Mail for free

Never make a mistake in your emails again with Undo Send

Retrieve your email and make edits if you spot a mistake

With Undo Send, whenever you hit send on an email, a small box will pop up with the details of the message and a timer. Here, you can either send your email immediately, or recall it if you notice a mistake in the message you’ve been writing.

See an overview of your pending emails in your outbox

After you send an email with Undo Send, the email remains for a set amount of time in your outbox. Here you’ll have an overview of all the messages which you can recall, meaning you never lose track of any of your sent emails.

Recall multiple emails at once

Keep every email under control with Undo Send. If you send several emails one after another, you’ll see an Undo Send pop-up for each individual email. This means you’ll have an overview of all your emails and can quickly decide which can be sent immediately and which need to be recalled.

Set your own delay times

Want a longer time delay before your message is sent? No problem! Undo Send lets you set a time delay of however long you want. If you need to change your delay time to ensure you’ve made no mistakes, simply head to Apple Mail’s Settings/Preferences and navigate to the Undo Send tab.

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Can you undo sending an email?

With Undo Send, yes! It’s easy: whenever you click send on a message, your email will be delayed by a set amount of time, allowing you to cancel sending, make any edits, and send the message again. While we can’t recall an email from the inbox of your recipient, we can give you the opportunity before delivery to make changes to your message.

Is it easy to undo a sent message?

Using Undo Send couldn’t be simpler. Undo Send is enabled as default, meaning whenever you send a message, you will see a pop-up box which lets you recall your sent email. Simply click on the recall button if you want to make changes to your message, or click on the send button to send your message instantly. If you want to change this, you can head to Apple Mail’s Settings/Preferences, navigate to the Undo Send tab, and make changes to your settings.

Can I set my own custom delay times when I recall an email?

With our Undo Send plugin, yes! You can set a custom delay time of one second, all the way up to as many minutes as you like. This means if you want to have more time to edit your messages, you can simply head to Apple Mail’s Settings/Preferences, navigate to the Undo Send tab, and change the recall time to whatever you want.

Who is the team behind Undo Send?

Undo Send is created by the Mailbutler team. Mailbutler is an email extension built with the purpose of making your inbox smarter. It provides you with loads of productivity-boosting features for your inbox, including the ability to track your emails, schedule your emails to send later, effectively manage your contacts, add notes and tasks to emails, and many more. You can learn more about Mailbutler by heading to the Mailbutler website.

Is Undo Send available for desktop and mobile?

Our Undo Send plugin is currently only available for desktop. At the moment, there is no dedicated Undo Send app for iOS or Android. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this might cause!

I’m a big fan of being able to recall an email should I spot a typo or mistake at the last second. This has saved me on so many occasions!

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Aaron Humphreys

Aaron Humphreys

Co-founder of Intrface

I’ve really come to appreciate the Undo Send feature. Ten seconds is more than enough of a buffer to realize I forgot to include something. It’s much easier to cancel the send and make a correction than to send a follow-up email.

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Tim Stringer

Tim Stringer

Co-founder of Technically Simple

There have been so many times I clicked send too fast and wished I hadn’t as there were typos or other errors in my message. When you hit send, there is a moment of uncertainty and being able to recall the email in a split second is amazing.

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Marilyn Trent

Marilyn Trent

Brand Strategist, Creative director

Mailbutler, the team behind Undo Send, was featured in

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