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6 Flowrite Alternatives: Detailed review and testing

Discover the top alternatives to Flowrite that we manually tested. Compare features and find the best Flowrite alternative for your needs.

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    By Ilija

    An economist by degree, a marketing manager at heart. Seeing my website on the first page of Google is what excites me most. I write mostly about email productivity, email management and AI.

    Are you tired of experiencing glitches and limitations with your current AI email writing software? Look no further! We have researched and tested six alternatives to Flowrite, providing a detailed review to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

    While Flowrite is excellent at processing typical messages, it could need particular instructions and might not correctly capture tone and context.

    Besides, the tool offers a limited number of monthly generations. Also, keep in mind that Flowrite works only within the browser and doesn't allow you to save and edit templates.

    Short summary:

    Explore these professional alternatives to Flowrite:

    • Mailbutler: Advanced AI-powered email assistant.
    • Mark Copy: Versatile content generation tool.
    • Anyword: Efficient short-form content creator.
    • TextCortex: Template-centric content development tool.
    • MailMaestro: Quick and secure email drafting solution.
    • SmartWriter: Specialist in personalized outreach.

    Mailbutler: The best overall Flowrite alternative

    You may give Mailbutler's Smart Assistant a few keywords, and it will compose an email or message for you. After that, you may add it to your compose window and make any necessary changes. You may ask the Smart Assistant to write messages on your behalf on both desktop and mobile devices. The tool works with Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Gmail. The additional features include:

    • Task Finder: Extracts tasks from emails, providing a list of to-dos. This feature integrates with the Mailbutler Tasks feature to help manage your workload efficiently.
    • Contact Finder: Automatically finds and adds contact information from emails to your Mailbutler Contacts. This feature simplifies managing new contacts.
    • Summarize emails: Get an instant overview of key email details. Just click 'Summarize', and the AI assistant provides a summary, keeping you informed about your inbox's contents.
    • Smart improve: Improves the spelling and grammar of your emails. Just click the improve button, and the AI assistant offers suggestions to enhance your message.
    • Email tracking: See who opened your emails and links, where they were opened, and how frequently.
    • Smart Send Later: This feature optimizes email delivery times by using smart scheduling.
    • Email Signatures: Elegant, polished email signatures with lots of room for creativity.
    • Email Templates: Create message templates to boost efficiency and productivity. It’s a real time-saver, considering that 8.8 hours a week are spent on email.
    • Email Notes: Don't ever forget anything. Add notes to your emails and contacts to ensure you never forget any crucial information.
    • Email Tasks:  Convert emails into actionable items or to-dos directly within your email client, like Gmail, Outlook, or Apple Mail.
    • Email Tags: Manage your messages and get quick access to the needed information in the inbox by tagging emails, contacts, templates, notes, and tasks in Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail.
    • Collaborators: Enhance teamwork directly within your email inbox by sharing tasks, contacts, notes, and templates with team members.

    The Smart plan, offering AI capabilities, is available for $14.95 per user per month.

    Flowrite vs Mailbutler

    Flowrite vs Mailbutler

    • Flowrite Limitations: Good for typical messages but struggles with tone, and context, and has a limited monthly generation capacity. Only works in-browser and lacks template saving/editing.
    • Mailbutler: Offers AI email writer, task and contact management, email summarizing, grammar improvement, email tracking, and scheduling features. Compatible with major email clients.

    Your Inbox, Smarter.

    Power of AI to help you manage and work on your emails smarter. Try it for Apple Mail, Gmail and Outlook.

    Mark Copy

    Another alternative to Flowrite is Mark Copy, with a variety of templates this AI writing tool, may assist you in creating content from scratch. You may use templates to write text for emails, Facebook ads, social media posts, and other purposes. All you have to do is begin typing in the text box so that the tool can understand the context. Among the notable features of the solution are:

    • Rocket Mode Article Creator: Simplifies article creation for faster and more effective outcomes. 
    • AI Writing Assistant: Offers a first sentence as well as continuous assistance when writing.
    • The SEO Optimizer: Automatically enhances content to rank higher in search results.
    • Smart Templates: Guarantees grammatically correct and aesthetically pleasing text.
    • Plagiarism Detector: Verifies that the content is original.
    • Collaboration Workspace: Promotes cooperation and coordination across departments.
    • A tone changer: Users may select the voice and style they want for their content.

    Our tests found limitations in Mark Copy. It struggles with multiple languages and may not excel in complex, specialized topics needing extra research or expertise. Additionally, it might have occasional issues with grammar, spelling, or tone that could need human correction.

    The minimal payment is $69/month billed annually or $99/month if you want to be billed monthly.

    alternative to Flowrite is Mark Copy


    With Anyword, an online writing tool, you can quickly write catchy content for headlines, descriptions, and advertisements. With the tool's multiple capabilities tailored to certain copywriting jobs, you can produce more texts more rapidly. Here's what you can expect from the platform:

    • Unique text suggestions: You can compose as many different text versions at once as you like.
    • Content Improver: Content Improver tool's extensive writing resources allow you to easily improve your current articles or start from scratch.
    • Text personalization: To determine which terms elicit the most response, you can rewrite preexisting content in different ways.
    • Predictive performance score: With an immediate forecast performance score, you may assess any message you wish to convey for its potential.
    • Ad account integration: You may get predictions and optimization recommendations based on your present advertising.
    • Grammarly integration: To make sure your piece is flawless, you can now integrate with Grammarly.

    Though it's perfect for short-form content, Anyword doesn't have any long-form layouts. Therefore, you are unable to create lengthy emails using it. The GPT-3 technique, which recycles content, might provide repetitious and unclear output. You lose time and credits for creating this output, which you cannot use.

    Anyword charges a minimum of $49 per month.

    Additionally, for those seeking advanced predictive analytics, incorporating Einstein Predictive Analytics technology can mean a lot. This solution can enhance your processes, from content creation to marketing, taking the capabilities of AI writing tools to the next level.



    Using pre-made templates, TextCortex enables the creation of content for a variety of writing activities. You may work on any type of copy on any platform with the Chrome extension and produce amazing text quickly. 

    With just one click, you may expand the text, which helps produce more context-appropriate statements. Besides, TextCortex generates unique text by using use-case models, in contrast to several other GPT-3 AI writing solutions. Here are some other benefits of the platform:

    • Integrations: Extension is compatible with more than 1,000 websites, including WordPress, Gmail, Notion, Docs, and many others.
    • Robust Editor: The "Toolbar" provides ten editing functions, including text-to-speech, rewriting, translations, summaries, and tones.
    • Grammar and Spelling Correction: Use this function to make sure your draft is free of mistakes in grammar and spelling.
    • Personalized AI: The tool designs a completely customized AI assistant based on your particular writing requirements and style.
    • Easy Idea Expansion: Provide a single idea, and the AI will work tirelessly to develop it into a thorough first draft.
    • Cross-Language Communication: Communicate with the audience in their mother tongue with more than 25 languages available.

    The testing revealed that it doesn't support multiple authors and that the automatic email feature has to be integrated with a third party.

    TextCortex has a free plan with limited functionality, and advanced features start at $6.99 per month. 

    textcortex vs Flowrite


    MailMaestro is another alternative to Flowrite on the list of AI email assistants that enable professionals to compose superior emails more quickly and effortlessly. You may write emails using MailMaestro in the language and style of your choice, and the encryption ensures that they are safe. Here are some of the primary reasons to choose the tool:

    • Saves time: MailMaestro lets you quickly understand important points by providing concise summaries of long threads with just one click. 
    • Improved quality: With the tool, you can quickly draft and send professionally toned emails to improve customer relations and increase engagement.
    • Customizability: A quick and easy experience is guaranteed by a smooth interaction with current systems, such as CRMs. Plus, the platform actively collaborates with businesses to provide the features you need.
    • Enterprise-grade security: MailMaestro carefully abides by tight procedures and places a high priority on protecting your data. You can be confident that your private information is always protected and nobody has access to it.

    However, we’ve noticed that the tool occasionally lags, particularly when producing a lot of text. Pricing starts at $15 per month.

    MailMaestro vs Flowrite


    SmartWriter is an artificial intelligence lead creation tool that can generate emails, follow-up messages, LinkedIn outreach, and even backlink outreach. In addition to Cold Email Outreach, it provides Personalized Icebreaker Generator, Personalized Linkedin Outreach, Personalized Google Review Icebreaker Generator, and Instagram Comment Generator.

    Related post: Superhuman Alternative

    SmartWriter offers a bunch of features for producing blog entries and other long-form writing. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features:

    • Personalized cold email outreach: With just one click, SmartWriter enables you to create individually designed and targeted emails for each recipient. It makes an email that can be delivered at scale and speaks personally to each person's requirements using their personal data. 
    • Automated outreach for SEO backlinks: This engine's AI algorithm scans material and then composes a customized email asking for backlinks. This can increase the amount of external links on your website and improve its search engine ranking.
    • Personalized LinkedIn outreach: To make your campaigns more interesting and persuasive, SmartWriter AI enables you to deliver tailored marketing messages based on the current LinkedIn activity of your targeted prospect. 
    • Create relevant social media posts: SmartWriter's AI engine will automatically produce interesting, topic-based Quora questions and Instagram comments, allowing you to write posts with the potential of going viral.

    Take into account that even though the responses are customized, some of them are too generic, so you would need to rewrite them for your outreach initiatives. The minimal monthly pricing is $59.

    Smartwriter vs Flowrite

    Final Word

    Flowrite is effective for AI email messaging, but it has drawbacks like no free plan, limited usage, and occasional tone and context issues, leading users to consider other options.

    Each of the six Flowrite alternatives described in the article possesses unique features and capabilities. From Mailbutler's email management features to SmartWriter's targeted outreach capabilities.

    Before choosing a tool, consider its specific limitations and costs. If you need advanced email writing, content creation, or outreach tools, these Flowrite alternatives provide various options to improve your digital communication and content creation.

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