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Artificial Intelligence

Best AI writing tools in 2024 – Manually tried and tested

Hand-tested AI writing tools of 2024: Unleash creativity and boost productivity with Mailbutler's top picks.

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    By Funmito

    Funmito Obafemi is a content writer for B2B and B2C SaaS. When she is not writing, she is reading self-improvement books or watching a movie. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

    If you’re a writer, chances are you've experienced writer’s block at some point in your career. You can’t brainstorm ideas, or sometimes you find it challenging to string up sentences that fit a particular context.

    But with an AI writing tool, you can easily generate content ideas or use the software to construct the right sentences. These tools will not only save you time but also enable you to deliver quality pieces that are suitable for your audience.

    In this article, we will look into the best seven (7) AI writing tools you can use. Let’s get started.

    Key Takeaways

    1. Mailbutler — Best for Emails
    2. — Best for Generating Web Copy
    3. Flick — Best for Social Media Captions
    4. Hypotenuse AI — Best for Blog Posts
    5. Rytr — Best for Marketing Copies
    6. Jasper — Best for SEO and Long-Form Content
    7. Writesonic — Best for Advertisements and Product Descriptions

    What are AI writing tools? 

    AI writing tools are digital tools run by artificial intelligence. The tools use data and language patterns to produce texts based on a user’s instructions. 

    Many AI writing tools serve diverse use cases. While some AI writing tools focus on a specific type of content (such as emails), others focus on generating different types of content (blog posts, website copies, social media posts, and more).

    Top 7 AI Writing Tools

    Here are the best seven AI writing generators you can use.

    1. Mailbutler — Best for Emails

    AI writing tool for email

    Mailbutler’s Smart Assistant is a top-rated AI writing tool for emails. With specific prompts and certain details, you can use the AI writing generator to create digestible email content that serves your communicative needs. Plus, it’s available for the most popular email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail. 

    The AI email assistant has six key features to manage your emails efficiently. However, three out of these six features work best as AI writing tools. These features include:

    • Smart Compose

    Do you need ideas for your emails? The Smart Compose feature is your best solution to solve this problem. This feature can compose readable, well-structured, and error-free emails that align with your interests and suit your needs. 

    With a clear and specific prompt, you can use the email AI assistant tool to generate texts for any situation. The example below shows how the Mailbutler tool composed a guest posting email pitch for the popular automation tool, Zapier. Here is its response.

    Mailbutler's Smart Compose demo

    Mailbutler's Smart Compose demo

    As you can see in the image, the generated response is straight to the point, clear, and easy to understand. What makes the AI email tool more unique is that you can edit its response to suit your intent. You can check the best practices for writing prompts to Mailbutler's Smart Assistant on their blog.

    • Smart Respond

    It’s no longer a secret that an average person receives about 121 emails every day. Replying to these messages requires concentrated effort and even wastes time. However, an AI writing generator makes this time-consuming activity history. 

    Thanks to the Mailbutler’s Smart Respond feature, you can generate unique responses to every email in your inbox. The AI writing tool analyzes and generates either a positive or negative response that befits the sent email. Plus, you can make necessary changes to the generated response before you hit the “send” button.  

    •  Smart Summarize 

    Anyone with a busy schedule can find it hard to read a lengthy email and point out the key details. However, Mailbutler’s Smart Summarize feature can perform this task easily and provide a comprehensive overview without skipping useful details. 

    The feature works by scanning a particular email and pointing out the key points in short, succinct details. To get started with this feature, you must first highlight the text you want to summarize and click on the “summarize” button in Mailbutler’s panel. You can find the panel on the right side of your screen. 

    • Task Finder

    Some emails often require you to perform some tasks. You can simplify this process with Mailbutler’s Task Finder feature. Similar to other features, the Task Finder scans a particular email and extracts information relating to potential tasks from the email

    To get started, select the particular email, highlight the text, and click the “to-dos” button. It will suggest potential tasks to add to the Mailbutler’s Tasks list. 

    Here is an example of how the AI writing tool scanned an email to suggest a to-do list. 

    Mailbutler's Task Finder demo

    Mailbutler's Task Finder demo

    An extra perk of using this feature is that you can set reminders for any of the tasks or assign the tasks to your team members.

    In addition to the Smart Assistant, Mailbutler offers email tracking, email templates, email signatures, smart send later, and other relevant features that boost email-related processes. 

    Premium AI Email Assistant

    AI-powered Smart Assistant for Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail, to help you save even more time on your emails.

    Pricing Plan

    Mailbutler offers a four-tier pricing plan, which includes:

    • Tracking plan for $4.95 per month
    • Professional plan for $8.95 per month
    • Smart plan for $14.95 per month
    • Business plan for $32.95 per month.


    2. – All-in-one AI Writing Generator – All-in-one AI Writing Generator

    Source: Pros

    • The AI writing tool applies to different use cases such as ad copies, emails, and more.
    • Comprehensive AI-generated content Cons

    • It takes a few minutes to create content
    • Content requires editing by humans is another AI writing generator software you can consider. The all-in-one AI writing generator software is a useful tool for creating different types of content, including blog posts, emails, product descriptions, meta descriptions, cold emails, ad copies, resignation letters, product names, webinars, and more.

    A unique advantage of this tool is its effectiveness in creating website copies such as great hooks to captivate your audience, product descriptions, email copies, and similar copies. The wording is perfect and often aligns with your intent.

    However, you may not find effective when creating long-form content such as blog posts. It requires human supervision in the case of fact-checking crucial details or editing the whole piece. Plus, it takes more time to generate long-form content.

    For example, upon inputting the prompt, “How to bake a cake” in the AI tool, it took about four minutes to create a draft. It’s also evident that the introductory part of the generated article doesn’t flow well. You may need the services of a professional writer to make the section more coherent and engaging for the readers. example

    This is in contrast to the hook generator feature, where generated content is straight to the point and requires less supervision. Here is an example of how generated five hooks for the prompt, “Importance of exercising every day.” hook generator example

    The AI tool took a few seconds to come up with this draft and even created engaging content. In short, is a useful tool for creating web copies, but if your goal is to create long-form content, you may need to explore other options. 

    Pricing Plan

    Copy AI’s pricing plan includes:

    • A free plan
    • Pro plan for $49 per month
    • Team plan for $249 per month
    • Enterprise plan, which requires custom pricing


    3. Flick — Best for Social Media Captions

    Source: Flick

    Flick Pros

    • The AI writing tool generates content based on your preferred writing style
    • Engaging AI-generated content

    Flick Cons

    • Some generated content lacks creativity
    • Content requires editing by humans

    Need an AI writing generator solely for social media use? Flick is your best bet. The AI generator creates different types of content for social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, X (Twitter), and more. 

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    With its easy-to-use interface, you can discover content ideas, create captions, respond to comments, find the right hashtags, and more. The AI writing tool comes with lots of sub-features, allowing you to create the caption as you intend rather than creating a generic statement. 

    These sub-features include:

    • Caption’s length — standard, long, or short
    • Tone — informative, humorous, conversational, engaging, sarcastic, professional, or more
    • Point of view – 1st person, 2nd person, or 3rd person
    • Content type — anecdote, call to action, list, fact, and quote.

    In the example below, you can see how Flick generated humorous captions for someone resuming school. example

    In addition, the AI writing generator is useful for repurposing content into social media posts. Whether it’s a YouTube video, blog post, or podcast, Flick can scan the content and extract useful information, which later converts to social media captions.

    Pricing Plan 

    Flick’s pricing details include:

    • Solo plan which costs £14 per month
    • Pro plan which costs £30 per month
    • Agency plan which costs £68 per month


    4. Hypotenuse AI — Best for Blog Posts

    Source: Hypotenuse AI

    Hypotenuse AI Pros

    • The AI writing tool creates diverse forms of content
    • The AI-generated content can provide content ideas

    Hypotenuse AI Cons

    • Humans must edit the AI-generated content

    Next on the list is Hypotenuse AI. The company’s AI writing generator creates various forms of content, whether blog posts, email copies, press releases, landing pages, social media copies, and more.

    A major advantage of using this AI writing tool is that you can create content that aligns with your brand voice and engages your audience. It also asks for details and generates your content within a few seconds. 

    For example, its blog post generation process requires you to input your keyword while the AI tool drafts the outline and the content. You can customize your content based on factors like article length, tone, point of view, SEO optimization, and more. 

    The screenshot below shows how the AI writing tool generated content for the prompt “Personal finance tips for your money in 2024.” Although these details require some polishing from a professional writer, you can still extract useful information to work with. 

    Hypotenuse AI example

    Pricing Plan

    Hypotenuse AI offers a three-tier pricing plan that includes:

    • Individual plan which costs $29 per month
    • Teams plan which costs $59 per month
    • Enterprise plan which requires custom pricing.


    5. Rytr — Best for Marketing Copies

    Source: Rytr

    Rytr Pros

    • The AI writing tool creates diverse forms of content
    • The AI-generated content adopts your brand’s voice and tone

    Rytr Cons

    • The AI-generated content lacks originality

    Rytr is another AI writing generator to consider for use. Like other tools, Rytr produces diverse forms of content, such as email copies, social media posts, blog posts, landing pages, meta titles, calls to action, and comments on reviews and messages. 

    Based on specific prompts, the AI writing tool creates engaging and captivating content that suits your needs and audience. The AI tool requests factors such as the tone or voice of the content, the language, the use case, your website’s name, the features, the number of variants, and the creativity style to generate your content.

    Here is an example of landing page content that Rytr created for a website that offers graphic design services. 

    Rytr generated content example

    Pricing Plan

    Rytr’s pricing plan is of three models, which include:

    • A free plan
    • Unlimited plan for $9 per month
    • Premium plan for $29 per month


    6. Smodin — Best for Academic Writing

    Source: Smodin

    Smodin Pros

    • The AI writing tool is best applied for academic writing
    • The AI-generated content is comprehensive for readers

    Smodin Cons

    • The AI-generated content requires improvement, especially in fact-checking details. 

    If you’re a student or an academic writer, Smodin is a perfect choice. The AI writing generator software produces researched academic pieces that are readable to anyone. 

    With its well-structured format, you can create content that includes the right words and meets professional standards. Besides, the AI writing tool can generate references faster than any other tool. Whether you want the references in MLA or APA format, Smodin checks the Internet quickly to generate accurate results that match your goals. 

    Aside from academic writing, Smodin is also effective in generating other forms of content, such as stories, recommendation letters, research papers, reference letters, theses, and more. You can also generate content in over 100 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and more. 

    Pricing Details

    Smodin’s pricing plan includes:

    • Free starter plan
    • Essential plan which costs $15 per month
    • Productive plan which costs $29 per month
    • Ultimate plan which costs $79 per month


    7. Writesonic — Best for Articles and Stories

    Writesonic AI writing generator

    Source: Writesonic

    Writesonic Pros

    • The AI writing tool is easy to use
    • The AI-generated content is comprehensive and engaging

    Writesonic Cons

    • The AI-generated content requires editing from humans.

    Our final option on the list is Writesonic. The notable AI writing generator creates different types of content, ranging from articles to ad copies, and real estate listing descriptions to social media posts, email copies, and lots more.

    Just like other tools, the AI writing assistant incorporates the brand’s voice to create content that aligns with your style preferences. 

    With different tones and writing styles, you can choose whether you want your content to be professional, engaging, conversational, or even humorous.

    Additionally, its AI-generated content requires less editing from humans. Whether you are generating blog posts or stories, the AI writing tool will create engaging content that meets your needs. 

    To use this tool, you need to input your prompt and describe the tone of the content. Here is an example of a story generated by the AI software.

    Writesonic AI content example

    Pricing Details

    Writesonic’s pricing plan includes: 

    • A free plan
    • An individual plan for $20 per month
    • The teams plan for $30 per month
    • An enterprise plan that requires custom pricing


    AI writing tools FAQs

    What’s the best free AI writing assistant to generate email content?

    If your goal is to generate email content, Mailbutler is your best option. Its Smart Assistant feature enables you to compose messages, respond to emails, and create a to-do list that boosts email productivity. It's compatible with well-known email platforms like Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail. You can enjoy a free trial for 14 days.

    When can I use an AI writing generator?

    You can use an AI writing generator for any purpose. However, it works best if you are experiencing writer’s block or want to complete a writing task within a short time. They can adapt to your style preferences and can mimic various tones, making them an excellent tool for personalized writing projects.

    Can AI writing generators create content that’s SEO friendly?

    Yes. AI writing generators like and Writesonic create content that is SEO-optimized. All you need to do is enable the SEO feature, and it will generate a superb SEO-friendly article. They can analyze top-performing content in your niche to suggest keywords and content structures. This ensures your article is not only SEO-friendly but also competitive.


    In conclusion, various AI writing tools serve different needs. While some are fit for emails, others create lengthy, engaging articles. The goal is to find one that best suits your needs.

    If your goal is to find an AI writing generator for email, Mailbutler is your best option. Our AI Smart Assistant creatively composes emails, generates responses, and summarizes lengthy emails to communicate effectively.

    Plus, we offer additional features such as email tracking, email tags, email reminders, and tasks to create a seamless emailing experience. Try our free trial today!

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