Smart Respond: Crafting effective email replies with Mailbutler’s Smart Assistant

Mailbutler’s AI-based Smart Assistant generates both positive and negative email responses in just a few moments. Find out more inside.

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    By Irena

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    Email is one of the most commonly used business communication channels, so it’s no surprise that the average office worker gets around 121 messages every day. Even though some of these emails might not require a response, most of them do, which explains why the average employee spends half their workday reading, writing, and managing emails.

    To help you free up time and get more done, Mailbutler’s AI-based Smart Assistant is designed to generate professional email replies in just a few seconds. Read on to learn more about its Smart Respond functionality.

    What is Smart Respond and how do I use it?

    Smart Respond is one of the Mailbutler Smart Assistant’s six core sub-features. It generates both positive and negative email replies based on the content and writing style of the message you want to respond to. Like Smart Compose, Smart Respond can help you overcome blank page syndrome and reply to emails quickly.

    To use Smart Respond, you first need to select the email you want to reply to. Then choose “Reply” in your Mailbutler Sidebar (or click on the ⬇️ next to “Reply” and select “Reply positively 👍” or “Reply negatively 👎”).

    The Mailbutler Smart Assistant’s Smart Respond functionality

    The Mailbutler Smart Assistant’s Smart Respond functionality

    The Mailbutler Smart Assistant will provide you with a few different email replies. If you decide to go with one of the generated responses, all you’ll need to do is select “Open draft” from the Mailbutler Sidebar. The Smart Assistant will then add this copy to the reply window and you’ll be able to make any changes you need.

    Smart Respond tried-and-tested tips

    Here are a few quick tips to help you make the most of Smart Respond:

    • Use the sub-feature on plain-text messages (team updates, meeting invitations, collaboration offers, job applications, etc.)
    • Choose “Reply positively 👍” when you want to accept the request your recipient has made or you’ll do what they’ve requested
    • Select “Reply negatively 👎” when you want to reject their request in a polite manner

    Let’s see Smart Respond in action.

    Example 1: Reply

    Smart Respond in action - Reply

    Smart Respond in action - Reply

    Example 2: Reply negatively 👎

    Smart Respond in action - Reply negatively 👎

    Smart Respond in action - Reply negatively 👎

    Please bear in mind that Mailbutler’s Smart Assistant generates a unique set of email replies every time you use Smart Respond, even if you use the sub-feature on the same received message. This means that you’ll need to manually save the email responses you would like to be able to reuse as message templates.

    Smart Respond best practices

    As a Mailbutler member, you have access to numerous inbox-boosting features that work extremely well with Smart Respond. Pair the Mailbutler Smart Assistant’s Smart Respond with:

    • Email Tracking to get notified as soon as your recipient opens your message. Learn more here.
    • Message Templates to save the generated reply as a go-to email template if you want to reuse the email copy. (You won’t be able to get the exact same result from Smart Respond as each response it writes is different from the last.) Learn more here.
    • Email Signatures to sign off the generated reply with a custom email signature. Learn more here.
    • Smart Send Later to schedule the generated response to be sent at the perfect time for your recipient. Learn more here.


    With the Mailbutler Smart Assistant’s Smart Respond functionality, you can reply to important, time-sensitive emails in just a few seconds. Drafting an effective email response is as simple as choosing a reply type: either positive or negative.

    Smart Respond keeps you professional by helping you to respond in a timely manner. It aids you in nurturing your business relationships even when you don’t have the bandwidth to write a message from scratch.

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