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How smart is Mailbutler’s Smart Assistant?

The Smart Assistant is powered by an AI that’s been trained on large volumes of text information from a wide variety of reliable sources.

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    By Irena

    Irena is an experienced Content and Email Marketer who loves animals, slow mornings, and all things Tolkien.

    After months of hard work and a series of improvements based on your invaluable feedback, the Mailbutler Smart Assistant is finally out of early access and fully developed. The complete version of our email AI assistant comes with a brand-new look, a smoother user interface, and none of the bugs some of you discovered during the early access program.

    The Mailbutler Smart Assistant UI

    The new Smart Assistant UI

    As before, Mailbutler’s Smart Assistant can draft professional and contextually appropriate emails and replies, summarize long messages in English, German, and several other languages, improve the spelling and grammar of your email drafts, and extract relevant to-dos and contact details from your received messages.

    But what enables the Smart Assistant to perform these actions? What makes it smart? Artificial intelligence, of course.

    Mailbutler’s Smart Assistant is bookworm-level smart

    Mailbutler’s Smart Assistant is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, which makes it impressively knowledgeable. GPT-3 is a state-of-the-art AI technology that’s been trained on large volumes of text information from a wide variety of reliable sources, including:

    • Books
    • Scientific journals
    • News articles
    • Webtexts
    • Wikipedia

    Smart Assistant knowledge sources

    Smart Assistant knowledge sources

    Having ingested a large dataset of text, GPT-3, and consequently the Mailbutler Smart Assistant, can compose grammatically correct, industry-specific emails in multiple languages, including:

    • English
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • and others

    Types of emails Mailbutler’s Smart Assistant can write

    The AI email generator can write various types of emails. You can instruct it to draft:

    • Job application emails
    • Email cover letters
    • Sales emails
    • Cold emails
    • Follow-up emails
    • Meeting request emails
    • Payment request emails
    • and other email types

    To get the Smart Assistant to compose the email you would like to send, you need to give clear and specific instructions in the language of your choice. Let’s take a look at a few excellent emails the Smart Assistant wrote and the prompts it used to do so.

    Job application email

    Smart Assistant prompt:

    “Apply for a Graphic Designer job at Instagram
    Mention I have 3 years’ experience

    Generated email draft:

    Job application email

    Job application email

    This is a great job application email draft because:

    • It uses a formal and confident tone of voice which leaves a lasting impression on employers
    • It mentions the fundamental principles of graphic design
    • It names the most popular graphic design software for digital marketing
    • It follows job application email best practices

    Payment reminder email

    Smart Assistant prompt:

    “Write a payment reminder
    The due date is July 31

    Generated email draft:

    Payment reminder email

    Payment reminder email

    This is a great payment reminder email draft because:

    • It’s to the point yet friendly
    • It invites the recipient to reach out if they require more information
    • It expresses gratitude in advance


    Client apology email

    Smart Assistant prompt:

    “Apologize to a client for delivering the product 2 days late
    Offer a 25% discount

    Generated email draft:

    client apology email

    Client apology email

    This is a great client apology email draft because:

    • It acknowledges the mistake on the sender’s part and shows remorse
    • It doesn’t try to make excuses or bother the recipient with unnecessary information
    • It’s short and appreciative


    The Mailbutler Smart Assistant has immense email-writing potential. It’s powered by an AI technology that’s been fed high volumes of carefully selected text information, which enables it to compose emails in different languages, use different tones of voice, and follow specific word count guidelines.

    But just like with any AI-based tool, you need to “tell” the Smart Assistant what kind of email you want it to draft. As shown above, the quality of the final result depends greatly on the quality of your input.

    Getting the hang of writing good email prompts might take a bit of trial and error, but it’s totally worth it. Go ahead, put the Smart Assistant’s email-writing capabilities to the test, and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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