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AI Gmail extensions: Best 8 AI tools for Gmail [Comparison]

Explore the top 8 AI Gmail extensions that streamline your email experience, boost productivity, and enhance communication. Read more here.

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    By James

    James has seven years' experience as a Content Marketer, bylines on Left Foot Forward, Submittable, and INOMICS, and a Master's in History. In his free time he likes to read, play guitar, and write for his personal blog.

    AI has become the main talking point around every office water cooler and on every LinkedIn page. Since apps like ChatGPT and Dalle-2 have demonstrated to the public how capable the technology has become, professionals just can’t seem to shut up about it.

    While some may not like the adoption of AI, fearing it may take their jobs, others are already using it to be more productive.

    From generating different types of content to logo creation and video voice-over, there are countless AI tools you can use to automate a wide range of tasks.

    One area where AI is making a significant impact on professionals is email management. By taking care of tasks like organizing your inbox, replying to emails, and even composing new messages, AI-powered email tools can save you valuable time so you can focus on the more important stuff.

    Since the technology is relatively new, there aren’t many tried-and-tested AI tools for email out there. But as a Gmail user, you can consider yourself lucky, as most of the add-ons available are designed to work with this email client.

    So, if you’re feeling stuck in the digital quicksand that is in your inbox, you may find your salvation in one of the following top AI tools for Gmail productivity.

    Mailbutler - Get a personal Gmail AI assistant and a bunch of productivity-enhancing features

    Mailbutler has been the preferred Gmail extension for professionals for years since it comes with multiple features that can optimize email management, such as:

    • Advanced email tracking: Mailbutler informs you when, where, and how many times your emails and links are opened or clicked. For example, you can use this data to gauge the interest of a sales prospect or to refine your follow-up strategy.
    • Personalized email templates: Mailbutler lets you create custom message templates for various scenarios like sales pitches, follow-ups, or invoices. This feature also comes with placeholders that auto-fill contact details such as the recipient’s name and company, ensuring a personalized touch for each recipient.
    • Professionally-designed email signatures: The extension offers personalized email signatures using pre-made templates that adapt to different devices. You don’t need any special design skills to wow your correspondents with your signature - just add your details, photo, and social media buttons, and establish a professional image in every email.
    • Smart email scheduling: Schedule messages to be delivered later to accommodate different time zones or work hours. You can optimize email timing with Mailbutler’s unique Recipient Optimized Scheduling tool, which sends your message when your recipient is most likely to respond, increasing the likelihood of prompt responses.
    • Email collaboration: Share notes, tasks, contacts, templates, and signatures with teammates to maintain brand consistency and improve team communication.

    As if all these features weren’t enough, Mailbutler also offers its Smart Assistant feature powered by OpenAI’s technology. The Smart Assistant is currently the best AI tool for Gmail because it’s packed with advanced features like:

    • Smart Compose: The Smart Assistant can produce entire emails from just a few keywords or simple prompts. This feature is perfect for quickly drafting meeting requests, sharing project updates, or sending thank-you notes.
    • Smart Respond: Save time on simple replies with AI-generated responses. For example, you can accept or decline meeting invitations with a few clicks, and then tailor the message to your preferences.
    • Smart Improve: Polish your drafts with AI-suggested spelling, grammatical, and tone improvements. Ensure professional communication in every interaction, from client proposals to internal memos.
    • Smart Summarize: Quickly see the key points and essential information contained within lengthy or complex email threads, in both English and other languages. Quickly save the information as a Mailbutler Note.
    • Task Finder: Automatically identify tasks within emails and save them as Mailbutler Tasks. Use this feature to create to-do lists from project updates or client requests.
    • Contact Finder: Streamline contact management by having the AI quickly add contact information to your Mailbutler Contacts list. This feature is ideal for networking events or team introductions.

    Pricing and plans

    Mailbutler offers a 14-day free trial, allowing you to explore its AI Gmail extension and all other features. There are also four paid packages available: Tracking, Professional, Smart, and Business which are billed monthly.

    The Tracking plan costs $4.95 per user and offers you most of Mailbutler's tracking features, such as open tracking, link tracking, and real-time notifications. And for just $8.95 per user, you’ll get the Professional plan, packed with features like Email Signatures, Snooze, Smart Send Later, Message Templates, Notes, and more.

    Smart is Mailbutler’s most popular plan, costing $14.95 for one user. With it, you’ll get its AI-powered email assistant on top of everything in Professional as well as more advanced tracking options, automated tasks and recommendations on when to time your emails for the best results.

    If that’s not enough to cover your needs, there’s the Business plan costing $32.95 per user. It gives you access to all of the app’s features as well as priority customer support and a host of other perks.

    Power of ChatGPT in your Inbox

    Need to write an email quickly? Provide a few words, and the Smart Assistant will draft an email for you.

    Ellie - An AI assistant you can train to reply on your behalf

    ellie gmail extension

    Ellie is a ChatGPT Gmail add-on that you can train to craft email replies. If you spend a lot of time answering emails, this extension may be your lifesaver. Here’s what Ellie can do:

    • Mimic your writing style and compose email responses on your behalf.
    • Learn any information you provide it with, such as websites, documents, or other resources, and apply it when crafting replies.
    • Understand the context of the email thread and use it to produce intelligent messages.
    • Create text in any language the original email is in.
    • Make revisions if you’re not satisfied with its initial output.
    • Work natively in both Gmail and Fastmail, but you can also use it to reply to emails from other email clients as well.

    Ellie is available as an extension for Chrome and Firefox.

    Pricing and plans

    So far, Ellie sounds great, but many will be put off by the fact it’s one of the most expensive AI tools for Gmail. The free plan only allows you to write two emails per day, and you can only write up to 100 messages daily with the Casual plan for $16 a month.

    If you want unlimited replies and the ability to teach Ellie any information in any language, the Pro plan will cost you $29 a month. And although it may cost less than Mailbutler’s most expensive plan, with Mailbutler you’re getting a lot more than just an artificial intelligence.

    Also, keep in mind that the daily quotas for the free and Casual plans do not account for any revisions. In other words, if you’re not satisfied with Ellie’s first response and ask it to give you five other alternatives, you’ve already spent six of your daily emails.

    Superhuman - Get a super-fast email experience for your professional team


    Superhuman is an AI-powered productivity app that bills itself as "the fastest email experience ever made." It’s supported by some famous investors like Adrianna Huffington, Ashton Kutcher, Will Smith, and Dropbox founder Drew Houston.

    Using the app is indeed fast thanks to its straightforward design and excellent keyboard shortcuts. But it’s nothing to get particularly excited about. 

    What’s more special about this app are the following features, which teams using Gmail might find highly useful:   

    • Split inbox: The app’s AI automatically sorts emails from team members, VIPs, or your most used tools into different categories. This way, you can focus on what needs your attention, ensuring you never miss anything that matters.
    • Follow up on time: Not hearing back from people you messaged is not uncommon in the business world. Professionals are busy and may forget to send a reply to your email. With Superhuman, you can set up a reminder to follow up on an important email you sent and ensure it doesn’t get buried in people’s inboxes.
    • Automate entire emails with Snippets: This feature allows you to automate certain phrases, chunks of text, or even whole emails.
    • Snooze emails for later: If you want to reduce the clutter in your inbox, Superhuman allows you to snooze unimportant emails for a set amount of time.
    • See when other members of your team reply: This is a helpful feature for avoiding the embarrassing situation where you and other team members send uncoordinated replies to the same email.

    Superhuman also has an upcoming AI email writing tool that can craft entire emails and replies for you and fix mistakes as you write. With just a few keystrokes, you can fix spelling and grammar errors, make your writing more concise and polish your emails to look more professional.

    Superhuman's AI uses ChatGPT to generate its output. This means that it can write about almost anything that’s public knowledge, although it’s limited to ChatGPT’s cut-off point of September 2021.

    While it’s not available currently, in the upcoming weeks, the company will introduce its beta access to Superhuman AI. Those who are interested can ask to join the waiting list.

    Pricing and plans

    This is perhaps the most expensive way to use AI with Gmail. For $30 a month per user, you can access the Starter plan which only comes with basic features like split inbox and snippets.

    There’s also a Growth plan designed for growing teams that heavily rely on email communication. It costs $45 per user monthly.

    Larger teams can get the Enterprise plan that’s billed annually. The price of this plan isn’t publicly disclosed, but you can talk to Superhuman’s sales team for more information. 

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    Drag App - Create a shared inbox for everyone in your team

    Drag App for Gmail

    Drag App is an ideal tool for businesses and organizations who want to centralize all their email tasks in one location to increase productivity in Gmail. With the help of Drag, you can designate a separate email account you can use for all your clients and collaborate as a team to maintain it.

    The shared inbox allows all your team members to receive and handle emails in real-time inside their Gmail clients without logging into additional accounts.

    You can also create a customer service or help desk account with Drag App. By collecting all important emails in a single inbox that several people on the team can maintain, you ensure clients always get a prompt response.

    Drag also offers several features to help manage your shared Gmail inbox, such as:

    • Boards: Your team can use boards for anything from a straightforward help desk and CRM to a marketing board.
    • Aliases: You can choose whether to reply using your name, your team’s name or the shared inbox address name.
    • Assignments: You can use Drag to assign emails to the team members most qualified to answer them.
    • Team chat: In your Gmail shared inbox, you’ll also get a chat box for your team. Communicating with your teammates behind the scenes will help you provide context to every interaction.
    • Shared drafts: This feature allows you to collaborate on your responses. Before sending a response, you can have your coworker review the email draft and make any changes or recommendations.
    • Collision detection: Similar to Superhuman, Drag App can also alert you when you and other people on your team are working on the same email.
    • Personalized email follow-ups: Instead of writing a manual follow-up email, you can schedule a personal reminder to be sent after a specific time and ensure you always get the answers you need.

    Pricing and plans

    Drag App has a free-forever plan for up to three users that offers some of its basic features like assignments, team chat, and shared drafts.

    For larger teams, there’s the Starter plan which allows for an unlimited number of users for $8 a month. This plan comes with features like one workspace, email templates, and task cards.

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    The Plus plan is the most popular plan. It offers 10 workspaces for an unlimited number of users. For $12 a month, users will get features such as 10 automations, merge cards, team reports, and an integration with Zapier.

    The Pro plan costs $16 a month and will offer you everything from the other plans, plus unlimited automation and email sequences and priority support. 

    All the plans allow you to change, add, or remove users from your account at any time.

    Remail - Produce AI-generated replies with a single click

    Remail Gmail extension

    Remail’s focus is producing smart replies to emails you receive. It’s perhaps the simplest Gmail add-on powered by ChatGPT. 

    You don’t need any tutorial on how to use it as it only adds three extra buttons to your inbox: Positive, Negative, and Custom Response.

    The features that you’ll get with this extension are:

    • One-click replies: Produce instant email responses with the push of a button. Choose whether to respond negatively or positively.
    • Custom responses: Provide an outline of your email in a few words and get an entire articulate email based on your input.
    • Multiple reply options: Remail can generate several different email drafts so you can choose what best fits your needs.
    • Schedule links: In the Pro plan, Remail can upgrade its responses with a link to your Calendly or other scheduling software so you can arrange a time to meet.
    • Tones: In the Pro plan, you can also set the tone of your replies to be any of the 10 available options such as formal, informal, or excited.

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    Pricing and plans

    You can use the free version for an unlimited time, but it only offers 15 email responses, and these are sent with the Remail label.

    In the starter plan costing $5 a month, you can generate 100 emails which are also sent with the Remail label. If you want to write up to 500 emails a month, the Pro plan will cost you $19. With it, you can use Remail’s Scheduling Links and Tones features and send emails without the Remail label.

    There’s also a Pro+ version for $49 a month which offers you unlimited email replies, on top of everything in the Pro plan and priority support.

    Rapid Reply - Your plug-and-play Gmail assistant

    Rapid Reply Gmail assistant

    Rapid Reply is an AI email assistant that works as a Google Chrome extension for Gmail. Similar to Mailbutler’s Smart Assistant, it’s also powered by OpenAI’s technology.

    This extension offers you:

    • One-click response suggestions to emails: You can choose to automatically respond with common replies such as “Thank you”, “Yes”, “No”, “I’ll get back to you soon”, etc.
    • A full professional email reply based on a short text.
    • The ability to integrate it with Calendly and other scheduling software.
    • Responses generated in the sender’s language: For example, if you get an email in French, Rapid Reply will generate the response in French too.
    • An assistant that can change its tone and writing style to sound exactly like you.

    Pricing and plans

    The free plan allows you to use Rapid Reply only on one email account and get ten AI-generated email replies a month.

    The Premium monthly plan costs $12 per month, and with it, you can get 1,000 generated replies monthly. You can use it on up to 10 email accounts. You can get a 33% discount on the price by subscribing to an annual Premium plan which costs $96 per year (or $8 a month).

    Flowrite - Flow through your inbox one email at a time

    Flowrite Gmail extension

    Flowrite is another AI email writing assistant based on OpenAI’s technology. The way it works is quite simple. You provide a few bullet points explaining what you want your email to convey. Then, the AI-powered tool creates a whole email text that has all the necessary information in a style that, well, flows naturally.

    Here are some other neat features that this tool offers:

    • Three email responses that are specially tailored to the recipient. Pick your favorite and tweak it to your needs.
    • Email templates: Users can choose from thousands of templates provided by Flowrite to create professional emails for them automatically. Templates include job offers, sales pitches, meeting invitations, and more.
    • Tone changer feature: Change the tone of your message so that it comes across exactly how you intended. Choose from different, tones, including casual, formal, friendly, polite, and respectful.

    Pricing and plans

    The Light plan costs €4 a month, and with it, you can only generate 15 emails. To get up to 150 emails a month, you will need to subscribe to the Premium plan which costs €12.

    There’s also the Unlimited plan, allowing you to create as many emails as you want for €24 a month.

    You can try the free 30-day trial to see whether Flowrite is a good fit for you.  

    Missive App - Get a shared inbox and an AI-powered assistant

    Missive AI-powered assistant

    Missive is similar to Drag in that it allows different people to use the same shared Gmail inbox. You can chat, delegate tasks and share documents with your teammates right in your inbox.

    With Missive, you can also conveniently organize different threads by project or department by using shared labels. But the features this app is most popular for are:

    • Canned responses: Missive allows you to use pre-written snippets or templates to reply to common emails.
    • Collaborative writing: With this feature, you can collaborate on an email with other members of your team at the same time. This way, you can make sure that nothing is left unsaid and that everyone is on board with the message.

    Missive’s most recent update also includes an OpenAI integration, allowing you to use AI for Gmail without going back and forth between OpenAI’s website and your inbox. Additionally, the integration enables message translation, making it simpler to communicate with people who speak different languages.

    Pricing and plans

    The free trial allows for up to 3 users and lasts for 15 days. You can then subscribe to the Starter plan with up to 5 users. It costs $14 a month and you can use it for 6 months.

    For teams of up to 50 people, the Productive plan is the best option. It costs $18 a month and with it, you can get all of Missive’s integrations, including OpenAI.

    The Enterprise plan costs $26 a month and allows unrestricted access to all of Missive’s features for an unlimited number of users.  

    Security and privacy concerns

    In an era where data breaches and privacy concerns are increasingly prevalent, the integration of AI tools with email platforms raises valid security questions. These tools, by their very nature, require access to email content to function effectively. This access could potentially expose sensitive information, both personal and professional, to third-party entities. It's imperative for users to be well-informed about the data handling and storage practices of these AI tool providers.

    Mailbutler's approach to this issue is commendable. As detailed in their article, Mailbutler has implemented a "privacy by design" approach. They've taken measures such as limiting the context of data sent to AI models, initiating data processing only upon user action, and employing data anonymization techniques. This ensures that while the AI tool gets the necessary information to function, the original sensitive data never reaches external service providers. Mailbutler's commitment to user privacy, especially in the realm of AI, serves as a benchmark for other companies in the industry. It's a testament to the fact that with the right measures, the convenience of AI can be harnessed without compromising on security and privacy.

    Cost vs. benefit

    When evaluating the return on investment (ROI) for AI Gmail extensions, businesses need to look beyond just the monetary aspect. The primary benefit of these tools lies in the time saved – time that can be redirected towards more strategic tasks. By automating routine email tasks, professionals can focus on higher-value activities, leading to increased productivity. Additionally, the efficiency gains from reduced email errors and improved response times can enhance customer satisfaction and professional relationships.

    AI Gmail extensions FAQs

    What are the top AI Gmail email tools?

    The top AI Gmail tools are the ones that use OpenAI’s superior generative technology like Mailbutler, Ellie, Flowrite, and Missive. While all of them are great for producing accurate and professional messages for you, only Mailbutler comes with extra tools like email tracking, signatures, and notes that can further improve how you handle emails.

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    What are the best AI Gmail writing tools?

    The best AI Gmail writing tools are those that can seamlessly integrate with Gmail, making them simple to use within the email platform without any additional software or applications. Mailbutler is easy to use and navigate, with a clean and intuitive interface that doesn't interfere with your email composition process.

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