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The Mailbutler Email Signature feature

The Mailbutler Email Signature feature gives you extensive creative control to create beautiful, professional signatures.

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    By Tiffany

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    How do you add an email signature to your message? This is a question asked by many. Including a signature at the end of your messages is a surefire way of conveying professionalism and having your team use consistent signatures can be a great way for keeping our company on brand in all of its email communication. Unfortunately,  some email clients, such as Gmail, are lacking ready-made, easy solutions for adding a signature. But there’s no need to worry any more, because with Mailbutler, you can create an email signature in just a few clicks using our Email Signatures feature.

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    The Mailbutler email signature feature for any email client

    Creating an email signature with Mailbutler

    To begin with, you’ll of course need to download Mailbutler to your computer. You can do this from our website, and receive a 14-day free trial of all of our features, or you can grab the extension from whichever store you’re using – Outlook, Apple, or Chrome. The Mailbutler extension integrates directly with whichever email client you’re using, making the process quick and painless.

    After you’ve done this, you have two options to make a signature: you can either use a Mailbutler premade signature template, or you can customize a signature to make it fit your personal or team’s brand.

    To use the templates, first you need to open the Manage Signatures section, which you’ll find by clicking on the little cog icon in the Mailbutler Sidebar in your email client. From here you can select Signatures and pick whichever template you’d like. If you’d prefer to make your own (for which you’ll need a Professional+ or Business plan), you can customize our signature templates in a multitude of ways, including changing your company logo’s colors, adding a quote, and inserting a link or a placeholder. Moreover, you can share and sync these newly created signature templates with members of your team. This means your company can stay on-brand in every email it sends, and always look professional when dealing with clients and customers.

    The Mailbutler Email Signatures feature is constantly being updated to give you the best experience possible. In November of 2021 we added even more features to ensure you can continue making professional, beautiful email signatures in minutes. You can now write your signature by hand and include it in the footer of your email, giving that personal touch to your communication. You can also include your company logo as well as an image, meaning you don’t have to decide between one and the other. For any non-English writers who might want to have their signature in, for example, Arabic, we’ve also included the option to align the signature from right to left. And there are two new signature templates for you to use, ‘Love’ and ‘Men in Black’, so you can quickly and easily create a signature without having to worry about designing it yourself!


    Every new signature you create is saved in the Signatures section, where you can preview it, and you can edit and delete each signature as you please. As for adding new signatures, there is no limit on how many you can customize on our Business plan. And using them is easy and intuitive – you can add them directly in your email client when composing a new email, meaning you always have the correct signature for the occasion on hand.

    Tips for creating a great email signature with Mailbutler

    But wait! Don’t be so quick designing and deciding on a final email signature. Before you do that, read our tips below on how to customize a successful email signature that will create a long-lasting impression:

    • Don’t include too much information. Three or four lines of text including your name, title, company, and phone number is more than enough.
    • Add a picture of you or your company’s logo. Visuals count a lot and have a much stronger impact than just plain text.
    • In addition, add your social media channels to connect more easily with potential customers or clients, as well as your website

    For more information on how to create and customize a successful email signature, you can head over to our guide article on email signatures. And as always, if you have any questions at all, you can always email our support team at

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