Attachment Reminder

Never send an email with a forgotten attachment again.

Forgot to include a file in an important email? Been there, done that, never again. Mailbutler extension on Apple Mail and Gmail detects when you might have missed an attachment in your email and gives you a heads-up before you hit send.

Mailbutler Attachment Reminder for Apple Mail and Gmail

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Cristiano Orlandi
"The Attachment Reminder is the killer feature. Simple and effective. It saved me more than a couple of times! "
Cristiano Orlandi
Founder and Senior Systems Engineer, Winitalia
Facu Puig
"I'm everyday more productive with Mailbutler! "
Facu Puig
UX Designer, Facu Puig Design


How does Mailbutler’s work on Apple Mail and Gmail?

For Apple Mail, Mailbutler lets you specify a list of keywords to be scanned in your email (e.g. ‘attached’, ‘attachment’). If you mention these keywords without attaching any file, Mailbutler will remind you to do so. For Gmail, Mailbutler activates the ‘Attachment Reminder’ tool already in the inbox.

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