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Forgot to include a file in an important email? Mailbutler reminds you when you mentioned attachments but never included one.

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Been there, done that, never again.

Mailbutler detects when you might have missed an attachment in your email and gives you a heads-up before you hit send.

Imagine emails, but without careless mistakes.

Get reminded for missing files
Mailbutler makes sure you don't miss any files when you mentioned attachments in your email.
Set custom keywords for reminders
Writing in French? Add custom keywords for reminders like 'pièces jointes'. Mailbutler understands you in any language!
Master emailing like a pro
Attachment Reminder is just one of the free feautres of Mailbutler to help you and your team excel in business emails!


How does Mailbutler’s work on Apple Mail and Gmail?

For Apple Mail, Mailbutler lets you specify a list of keywords to be scanned in your email (e.g. ‘attached’, ‘attachment’). If you mention these keywords without attaching any file, Mailbutler will remind you to do so. For Gmail, Mailbutler activates the ‘Attachment Reminder’ tool already in the inbox.

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