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Contacts for Mailbutler

Build stronger connections to your customers using Contacts, Mailbutler's latest feature addition. Get more insight into your communication with clients and store their information accessibly in a profile. Use established features like send later, notes & tasks in combination with contacts to boost your productivity in new ways.


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Get to know your contacts better

The best time to reach out


Contact analytics will predict the most convenient time to get in touch with recipients. Combined with send later, this tool will make communication more efficient on both ends.

Subject lines at a glance


Conversation history will provide you and your team with an overview of all email subject lines from past communication with your clients. Know who reached out last and optimise your way of communicating. 

All information in one place

Get access to important information about a contact in one view. Add a note about a customer and share a task with a colleague using contacts to enhance your communication with clients and team members. 

Meet our users

David Balensiefen

"Now I can’t imagine to not have Mailbutler’s assistance every day. It makes a huge difference. It’s very helpful, and can be used just by everyone."

David Balensiefen. CEO, gridX GmbH


Paul Dziwoki

"Mailbutler contains all the functions that the plugins used to have plus the new ones. Amazing tool for those, who want to handle their emails easier and more efficient: you’ll be surprised, how much time you save!"

Paul Dziwoki. Co-Founder & CTO, Jommi

Jez Moore correct

"Mailbutler has been the missing link in making my use of email as efficient as possible. It is logical, simple to use and my professional life is definitely easier with it."

Jez Moore, Founder at The Azur Collection

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