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Manage your contacts straight from your inbox for the optimal email experience

Add notes and tasks to your contacts, get predictions for the best send times and see an overview of your company's conversation history with a contact. Store all of your contacts' data in one place for quick and easy access whenever you need it. 

  • Available on Apple Mail, Outlook and Gmail
  • Shared contact management for teams
  • Contact analytics: average open time, response time & more
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What our customers say about us

Cyrille Jégu

Cyrille Jégu
Managing Director, ThrivinAsia Ltd

"Mailbutler has been an integral part of my email management practice for the last couple of years now."

Antonio Lino

António Lino,
Managing Partner, Topologia

"Mailbutler is by far the best personal productivity app I have used. Absolutely essential in any workflow!"

David Balensiefen

David Balensiefen
CEO, gridX GmbH

"Now I can’t imagine to not have Mailbutler’s assistance every day. It makes a huge difference. It’s very helpful, and can be used just by everyone."

Manage your Contacts like a pro

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Shared contacts' info

Mailbutler enables you to share important information about a contact with your team. You can store and organize contact info such as names, emails, phone numbers, etc. but also remarks about a contact that your colleagues might find useful. Take your contact management a step further by associating tasks with a particular contact to keep track of key clients. The ideal tool for sales and support teams. A mini CRM inside your inbox.

Company-wide conversation history

Mailbutler provides you with an overview of your company’s communication history with a shared contact. See the subject line and sender of previous emails exchanged between the contact and your organization. This way you will always know what topics have been discussed with a contact in the past and what the latest matter at hand is. Drive communication efficiency and minimize the likelihood of miscommunication!

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Contacts Analytics

Contact analytics

Gain access to transformative insights about your contacts’ email usage and adapt your communication accordingly. See the time of day a contact is most likely to read you email, how long it takes your contact to open your email on average and their average response time. This way you will know when to reach out to them and when to expect a reply.


Contact Management for Your Email Client

Mailbutler’s contact management features provide you with essential CRM functionalities without ever having to leave your inbox. Contacts can be shared with organizations and teams allowing all team members to view and edit contact info as well as notes and tasks associated with a contact. All of Mailbutler’s contact management features are available for Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail clients.

See how Contacts work in your email client from the tabs above ➔


Contact Management for Outlook

With Mailbutler’s contact management features, Outlook users can add notes and tasks to contacts, access analytic insights and more, straight from their inbox. Share contacts with your team to make use of a common conversation history, shared notes & tasks and more.

How to manage contacts in Outlook

See how you can manage your contacts in Outlook, including editing their contact details, adding notes and tasks and more, in a few easy steps below.

  1. Download and install Mailbutler for Outlookmailbutler add-in for outlook
  2. Select an email in Outlook
  3. Open the Mailbutler add-inMailbutler add-in in Outlook
  4. Go to the Contacts tabContact view in Outlook


  5. You can switch between the different contacts associated with the email through the contact avatars
Switch between contacts in Outlook


Now you can manage your contact by attaching notes, tasks and labels, modifying the contact information, editing the share settings and view your contact analytics.


Contact Management for Gmail

Mailbutler adds a multitude of highly useful contact management features to your email client. View analytics such as best send time and average response time, share contacts with your team, add notes & tasks and so much more! All without having to leave your inbox.

How to manage contacts in Gmail

Learn how to edit and manage your Gmail contacts in a few easy steps by following the instructions below.

  1. Download and install Mailbutler for GmailMailbutler chrome extension
  2. Go to your inbox/sent folder in Gmail and select an email
  3. Open the Mailbutler sidebar and go to Contacts
     Contacts view in Gmail


  4. Choose which contact you would like to view or edit through the avatars at the top-right corner
     Switch between contacts in Gmail

    From here you can edit the contact information, see your team's conversation history with the contact, add notes and tasks and view the contact analytics.

Apple Mail

Contact Management for Apple Mail

With Mailbutler for Apple Mail, users enjoy a set of CRM-like functionalities accessible directly from their email client. Sharing contacts in a team, a joint conversation history, adding notes and tasks to contacts to record crucial information and more. Zero effort and hassle free.

How to use Contacts in Apple Mail

Find out how you can edit your contact details, add notes and tasks to contacts, share contacts with your team and more on Apple Mail for Mac by following the steps below.

  1. Download and install Mailbutler for Apple MailMailbutler downloads page
  2. Select an email in Apple Mail
  3. Click on the Mailbutler icon and go to the Contacts tabContacts view in Apple Mail


  4. Switch between the contacts associated with your email through the avatars
     Switch between contacts in Apple Mail

    You can add notes and tasks to contacts, share them with your team, have an overview of the company-wide communication with the contact and view the contact analytics