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Automatically forward your outbound emails to your CRM and keep all your data bundled

Have a blind copy (BCC) of your outbound messages automatically sent to any CRM tool. You will always be sure that all corporate communication is properly recorded and available on request.

  • Available on Apple Mail, Outlook and Gmail
  • Unlimited number of email clients
  • Advance sender & recipient configurations
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What our customers say about us

Paul Dziwoki

Paul Dziwoki
Co-Founder & CTO, Jommi

"Amazing tool for those, who want to handle their emails easier and more efficient: you’ll be surprised, how much time you save!"

Cyrille Jégu

Cyrille Jégu
Managing Director, ThrivinAsia Ltd

"Whether you are a GTD® practitioner or not, I recommend Mailbutler to anyone who uses email for work or life."

Jez Moore correct

Jez Moore
Founder at The Azur Collection

"It is logical, simple to use and my professional life is definitely easier with it."

Connect your outbox to your CRM

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Create rules & exceptions

With Mailbutler’s BCC to CRM feature, you have full control over which emails are forwarded where. Exclude internal emails from cluttering your CRM by creating an exception for your company’s domain. Or only send a BCC of emails sent to a few specific addresses. You can also have emails from different senders or recipients BCC’ed to separate CRM tools. Set your custom configurations that work best for you and your business.   

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Full support for any CRM

It doesn’t matter if you’re using Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk or any other tool to manage your customer relations. All you need is a BCC address and you’re all set to start logging your emails. A flexible solution that gives you freedom of choice.


Auto BCC for Your Email Client

BCC to CRM is a Mailbutler feature available for Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail. It helps you achieve constant synchronization between your email client and CRM tool by automatically sending a copy of your outbound emails to a specified BCC address. 

See how BCC to CRM works in your email client from the tabs above ➔


Auto BCC for Outlook

Mailbutler automatically sends a copy of your outbound emails to your CRM without you having to fill the BCC address each time. Link Outlook to your CRM by setting a BCC rule and rest assured that all crucial emails will be logged and available whenever you need them.


How to auto BCC emails in Outlook

Find out how to automatically send a blind carbon copy of your Outlook emails to your CRM tool by following the instructions below.

  1. Download and install Mailbutler for Outlookmailbutler add-in for outlook
  2. In your Mailbutler Dashboard go to Preferences -> Auto bccMailbutler auto BCC tab
  3. Add a BCC email address by clicking on the + symbolAuto BCC rules


  4. Enter the sender condition in the Sender field
  5. Set the recipient condition in the Recipient fieldAuto BCC recipient field


  6. Enter the BCC address of your CRM in the BCC field
  7. Click on Save preferences to save your rule

 Auto BCC for Gmail

Mailbutler's Chrome extension introduces an auto BCC function in Gmail. Gmail users can set a BCC address and specify multiple conditions to have a copy of their outgoing messages automatically sent to a CRM tool or any other email address.


How to use auto BCC in Gmail

See how you can automatically send a BCC of your Gmail emails to your CRM tool of choice by following the steps below.

  1. Download and install Mailbutler for GmailMailbutler chrome extension
  2. Go to the Auto BCC tab in your dashboard preferencesAuto BCC dashboard settings


  3. To add a new BCC rule, click on the + button

    Add a new BCC condition


  4. Fill in your email address in the Sender field
  5. Specify which recipients should trigger an auto BCC in the Recipient field

    Choose recipient for BCC rule

  6. In the BCC field enter your CRM's BCC Address or any other email address you would like copies sent to
  7. Finally, click on Save preferences
Apple Mail

 Auto BCC for Apple Mail

Mailbutler provides Apple Mail users with a quick and easy way of linking their outbox to a CRM tool. All emails sent from Apple Mail that match a predefined rule will be automatically BCC'ed to a specified address, saving you time and making your workflow more efficient.


How to use auto BCC in Apple Mail

Learn how you can automatically send a BCC of your outgoing emails in Apple Mail for Mac by following a few easy steps.

  1. Download and install Mailbutler for Apple MailMailbutler downloads page
  2. Sign in to your Mailbutler account and go to the BCC tab in your user preferencesMailbutler auto BCC tab
  3. Click on the + button to add a new BCC conditionAuto BCC rules


  4. Specify the senders that should trigger an auto BCC in the Sender field
  5. Fill in the email addresses of any recipients that must match the auto BCC ruleAuto BCC recipient field


  6. Then add the email address that should receive a BCC of each email in the BCC field
  7. Save this rule by clicking on Save preferences