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Boomerang for Gmail alternatives: Manually tested

There are plenty of affordable alternatives to Boomerang for Gmail that pack a powerful punch. Read on to find out what the 3 best are.

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    By James

    James has seven years' experience as a Content Marketer, bylines on Left Foot Forward, Submittable, and INOMICS, and a Master's in History. In his free time he likes to read, play guitar, and write for his personal blog.

    Boomerang is an inexpensive and easy-to-use extension that adds numerous helpful features to Gmail, including inbox pause, email read receipts and link click tracking, response tracking, email reminders, and one-click meeting scheduling.

    What's more, Boomerang for Gmail comes with a unique AI-powered writing tool called Respondable.

    It estimates how likely your message is to get a reply and gives you suggestions on how to make it more effective. These suggestions include the email's subject line length, word count, question count, reading level, and tone of voice.

    Although Boomerang for Gmail offers a great set of inbox-enhancing tools, it lacks a couple of extremely important features every professional needs: message templates and email signatures.

    Luckily, there are plenty of affordable alternatives to Boomerang for Gmail that pack a powerful punch. Read on to find out what the 3 best are and why you should go with one of them instead.

    Top Boomerang for Gmail alternatives in 2024

    1. Mailbutler: Best overall Boomerang for Gmail alternative


    Mailbutler is an email productivity suite designed for Apple Mail, Outlook, and, of course, Gmail users.

    It's the number-one Boomerang alternative currently on the market for two main reasons:

    1: Mailbutler offers a robust selection of inbox-boosting features

    Mailbutler comes with all the essentials such as email scheduling, email and link tracking, and message templates.
    But what makes Mailbutler stand out from the Gmail extension crowd are its advanced features, including:

    • Smart Send Later. Mailbutler's smart send later feature gives you more control over your scheduled messages. For example, you can instruct Mailbutler to automatically cancel the delivery of a scheduled email if your recipient messages you. As a Gmail user, you can also instruct Mailbutler to automatically reschedule your email to the next business day if you're working outside of your specified working hours. Both of these options save time and help you stay professional. Boomerang for Gmail doesn't offer such options.
    • Recipient Optimized Scheduling. This functionality alone is reason enough to go with Mailbutler instead of Boomerang. Mailbutler's sophisticated recipient-optimized scheduling tool suggests the best time for you to reach your contact using the tracking data it collects for their email address. This way, you can rest assured that your scheduled email will hit your recipient's inbox when they're most likely to open, read, and reply to it.
    • Custom email signatures. With Mailbutler, driving conversions with email signature marketing is super easy as you don't need any coding or design skills whatsoever. As a Mailbutler user, you can simply pick one of its pre-made email signature templates and fill in your details. If you have a specific look in mind, you can change the fonts and colors of the template of your choice, add/remove social media buttons, add your company's logo, and even link to one of your most popular videos. Mailbutler lets you include any marketing message in your signature. Boomerang doesn't offer any kind of email signature generator.
    • Collaborators. Mailbutler has Boomerang for Gmail beat on the teamwork front as well. With Mailbutler integrated into your inbox, you can easily share any item you've created with whomever you want. Depending on your plan, this can include message templates, email signatures, tasks, notes, and contacts. This allows you to keep everyone on your team up to date and maintain brand consistency. One-click calendar scheduling is the only collaboration feature Boomerang for Gmail has.

    2: Mailbutler's pricing is highly competitive

    Aside from a 14-day free trial that gives you access to all premium features, Mailbutler has four paid plans: Tracking, Professional, Smart, and Business.

    Its pricing starts at $4.95 per user per month billed monthly or $49.50 per user per year billed yearly. (A yearly subscription automatically gets you two free months.)

    Mailbutler's paid plans come with various features, including email tracking and scheduling, notes and tasks for emails, message templates, email signatures, a snooze option, and collaborators.

    Boomerang for Gmail has a free version and three paid plans as well. On top of this, Boomerang offers a generous 30-day free trial of its Professional plan to all new users.

    Its pricing begins at $4.98 per user per month billed annually.

    Yes, that's cheap, but it means you have to commit to a yearly subscription to reap the benefits of a premium plan. Mailbutler, on the other hand, is much more flexible as it offers both monthly and yearly subscriptions.

    Finally, Boomerang's free-forever plan is called Basic, and rightly so.

    It comes with 10 message credits a month (one message credit lets you use Boomerang on one outgoing email) and none of Boomerang's advanced features like notes, recurring messages, tracking by default, and personalized reports.

    This plan is simply too limited, even for freelancers and small businesses.


    mailbutler vs boomerang

    Boomerang for Gmail vs Mailbutler: Summary

    • Boomerang for Gmail comes with basic email scheduling, while Mailbutler offers a smart send later feature that lets you send your emails at the perfect time for each contact (recipient-optimized scheduling)
    • Boomerang for Gmail doesn't offer any kind of email signatures, while Mailbutler comes with an intuitive, user-friendly email signature generator
    • Mailbutler is a fantastic Gmail extension for collaboration as it allows for shared access to signatures, templates, notes, tasks, and whole contacts, while Boomerang for Gmail doesn't offer any kind of item-sharing capabilities

    Improve Your Email Communication

    Designed for business owners and freelancers using Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail.

    2. Gmelius: Best Boomerang for Gmail alternative for teamwork

    Boomerang alternative - Gmelius

    Gmelius is an amazing email collaboration extension for Gmail. If you want to use your inbox as a shared workspace, you should definitely consider going with this Boomerang alternative.

    As a Gmelius subscriber, you get access to an impressive set of collaboration and team management features, including:

    • Email sharing. Gmelius' email sharing functionality lets you share and assign email conversations to teammates in a single click or mention (using "@name"). This feature is a great replacement for bcc's and forwards as it allows your colleagues to view all replies and see the big picture. Boomerang for Gmail doesn't offer such an option.
    • Email templates. Gmelius allows you to build an entire library of message templates and share them with your team. What's more, you can personalize your go-to email replies by inserting variables such as the sender's first name, the recipient's full name, the sender's email address, etc. You can even create and use custom variables such as the recipient's company name. As mentioned above, Boomerang for Gmail doesn't include such a feature.
    • Workflow automation. This is one of Gmelius' most advanced features. As the name suggests, it lets you automate your business' daily processes with workflow automation rules. You can set conditions and choose triggers to automatically assign emails, apply tags, and/or add notes for context. As a Boomerang for Gmail user, you can't do any of this.
    • Meeting scheduler. Gmelius' meeting scheduler lets you automate the whole appointment scheduling process. With it, you can easily insert your availability into your emails, let your recipients schedule meetings in a single click, and send them pre-meeting reminders. Gmelius also allows you to integrate with your favorite video conferencing app. Boomerang, too, has a one-click calendar scheduling tool that lets you share your availability without leaving your inbox. It even suggests times for one-off meetings and gives you the option to turn emails into calendar events. However, Boomerang's meeting scheduler doesn't allow you to send confirmations, pre-meeting questionnaires, or automated reminders.

    When it comes to pricing plans, Gmelius doesn't have a free version and its free trial lasts only a week, while Boomerang has both a free-forever plan and a generous 30-day free trial.

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    However, Gmelius' plans are much richer than Boomerang's paid bundles.

    For comparison, Gmelius' highest-tier plan called Pro costs $49 per user per month billed annually and includes unlimited workspaces, shared email drafts, notes and mentions, assignments, permalinks, and all of Gmelius' automation features.

    It's everything you and your colleagues need to work together effectively.

    Boomerang's highest-tier plan called Premium, on the other hand, costs $49.98 per user per month billed yearly but the only collaboration feature it includes is one-click meeting scheduling.

    As you can see, even Boomerang's most expensive plan isn't built for teamwork.

    3. Mixmax: Best Boomerang for Gmail alternative for sales engagement

    boomerang alternative - mixmax

    If you're looking for an alternative to Boomerang for Gmail that can help you boost your sales productivity and convert prospects into customers, Mixmax might be the perfect choice for you.

    Mixmax offers a wealth of useful features, but the four most important ones for sales professionals are:

    • Email tracking and insights. Mixmax's email open and link click tracking software helps you measure the impact of your messages. If you send the same email to multiple recipients, Mixmax will show you exactly who has opened it so you can follow up with precision. Mixmax's tracking service also covers attachments and lets you set up engagement alerts (for example, when your recipient opens your email more than three times). Boomerang for Gmail, on the other hand, allows you to request read receipts, which means your recipients have the freedom to opt out.
    • Email sequences and follow-up automation. As a Mixmax subscriber, you can start more conversations with potential and existing customers by building personalized email sequences. You can also sync your CRM software with Gmail and use this functionality to send drip campaigns directly from your inbox. Boomerang for Gmail integrates with a number of CRM tools, but all this integration does is log any emails you send or use Boomerang when sending them into your CRM.
    • Email scheduling. Mixmax's send later feature beats Boomerang's email scheduling functionality for one main reason: it recommends send times. Mixmax uses AI-powered technology that optimizes each email's delivery based on the recipient's activity. Boomerang for Gmail doesn't include such a tool.
    • Email surveys. Last but not least, Mixmax lets you embed polls and surveys in your Gmail messages. You can use this functionality to collect more feedback from your prospects and customers - research suggests that adding polls to emails can increase reply rates by 20-25%. Boomerang doesn't offer such an option.

    Mixmax has a 14-day full-access trial, a free version, and four paid plans: SMB (small and midsize business), Growth, Growth + Salesforce, and Enterprise.

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    Its pricing begins at $24 per user per month billed yearly or $29 per user per month billed monthly.

    The free-forever version of Mixmax comes with message templates, instant meeting scheduling, email polls and surveys, and tracking for 100 messages a month.

    For comparison, Boomerang's free plan includes only 10 message credits per month.

    Bonus: Best Boomerang for Outlook alternative

    Boomerang for Outlook alternative

    As you might already know, there's a version of Boomerang for Outlook users as well.

    Boomerang for Outlook comes with pretty much the same set of features: send later, email reminders, one-click appointment scheduling, recurring messages, and read receipt requests.

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    It also has the same drawbacks as Boomerang for Gmail - it doesn't offer any kind of template builder or signature generator.

    Finally, Boomerang for Outlook isn't suitable for teamwork as it doesn't include any sharing options.

    You can easily avoid all of these disadvantages by opting for Mailbutler - the best alternative to Boomerang for Outlook currently on the market.

    Mailbutler is compatible with Microsoft Outlook and puts a wealth of intuitive features at your disposal. These include:

    • Smart send later with recipient-optimized scheduling
    • Simple email tracking (no need to request read receipts)
    • Message templates with extensive customization
    • Professional email signatures
    • Contacts (an in-house CRM tool)
    • Email and contact notes and task
    • Collaborators

    Not sure this is the right email app for you?

    Mailbutler offers a 14-day free trial of its highest-tier plan so you can test out all its features before you buy a subscription.

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    Boomerang App FAQs

    What is Boomerang for Gmail?

    Boomerang for Gmail is a popular email productivity extension.

    It adds a number of useful features to Gmail, including send later, email reminders, inbox pause, read receipts, link tracking, and meeting scheduling.

    Is there a free version of Boomerang?

    Yes, there is. Boomerang has a free plan called Basic.

    As the name suggests, Boomerang's Basic bundle is extremely limited - it comes with 10 message credits per month (one message credit lets you use Boomerang on one outgoing email) and none of Boomerang's advanced features.

    Is Boomerang for Outlook safe?

    Yes, it is. Boomerang for Outlook protects your personal data from accidental loss and unauthorized access.

    It also encrypts any payment transactions it processes both at rest and in transit.


    Boomerang is a solid email productivity app for Gmail and Outlook.

    Both Boomerang versions come with a decent selection of inbox-enhancing and time-saving tools for individual use. However, Boomerang has plenty of room for improvement on the email collaboration front.

    Mailbutler is the number-one Boomerang alternative for Outlook and Gmail users as it adds much more power and functionality to their inboxes at highly competitive prices.

    Gmelius and Mixmax are great alternatives to Boomerang for Gmail as well.

    The former is geared toward large teams, while the latter is designed for sales professionals.

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