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Software as a Service: Detect Faults in Manufacturing Lines

In this interview we talk to Niro Osiroff about his company, his role as a CTO, and how he uses Mailbutler to organize his working time.

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    By María

    María studied International Business, with a focus on Marketing. In her spare time she likes traveling with her friends, recording videos for her channel and trying out new restaurants.

    Niro Osiroff is the Co-founder and CTO of Vanti Analytics, a Self-Service SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for Electronics Manufacturers. He is a strong business development professional, with a history of working in the computer software industry. Today he will talk to us about his company, his role as a CTO, and how he uses Mailbutler to organize his working time.

    Niro, it’s great having you here today! Let’s talk about you and your company. To start with, I’ll ask you to fill in the following blanks:  

    The first thing I do in the morning when starting work is… 

    ...triage my inbox

    I am a total morning person/night owl because… 

    I'm a night owl because I don’t mentally wake up before noon, and I do my best work at night.

    In order to work productively, I need… 

    ... to think twice, act once.

    The person I would like to change jobs with for one day is… 

    ... any astronaut on the ISS

    Thanks a lot for your responses Niro! Now, let’s dive into your work life! You’re the co-founder and CTO of Vanti Analytics, A Self-Service Software platform for Electronics Manufacturers. Could you explain what your company does for the people who don’t know much about software? 

    Our company provides an automatic and simple way to detect faults in manufacturing lines at a very early stage.

    Imagine Apple, it takes many steps and a lot of money to build an iPhone, but the first time you really know if you can sell it to someone is at the end of the line. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew from the beginning that this specific iPhone will fail at the end? Vanti!

    How did the idea of your business come about?

    I’m a data scientist and Algo engineer so early fault detection (i.e. anomaly detection) is in my blood. I also spent some years in the electronics industry, so the marriage was natural. 

    Would you tell us what you do as a CTO?  What are your daily tasks?

    As the CTO I'm in charge of 3 things:

    1. Running the R&D (sprints, stories, epics, hiring, schedules, bugs, all that jazz)
    2. Providing the company with the technological vision (i.e. where should we be next year? the year after that? and why?…)
    3. Run the company

    What kind of culture exists in your company and how did you establish it?

    Our culture is mostly centered around mutual trust and collaboration. We trust in people’s skills and personality. The only real way to establish culture is to lead by example and hire the right people.

    You also worked at Innoviz Technologies, a leading manufacturer of sensors and perception software for autonomous vehicles, and Broadcom, a manufacturer and supplier of semiconductor and infrastructure software products. I am sure you learned a lot from these experiences. Could you tell us about them? 

    Innoviz is a startup that skyrocketed into unicorn status, and I learned a lot about company building, setting goals, and moving fast.

    Broadcom is a large enterprise, and I learned the true meaning of scale and production readiness.

    How do you organize internal and external communication in your company?

    Mostly slack and free flowing.

    As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you’ve had to learn to organize your working time to be productive. What do you do to manage your time efficiently?

    I’m a huge advocate for zero-inboxing, prioritizing my day in the morning, and closing off specific times for specific tasks (like putting a 15 min. meeting titled ‘answer interview q’s).

    You’re relying on Mailbutler to optimize your email productivity. Why is Mailbutler the right tool for you? Which features do you use most often?

    It is easy to manage more than 1 inbox. I really enjoy the send later, tasks, and email tracking features.

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