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Turn best performing content into shared templates and empower every step of your team's outreach.

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Mailbutler’s Shared Message Templates let you make better use of high performing texts, share them as templates with your team and save hours on every step of your team’s outreach.

Mailbutler helps your team email faster, better, smarter.

Hassle free writing for everyone
Our template builder makes it effortless to design unique emails that are synced real-time to your Apple Mail and Gmail.
Optimize links & banners
Create branded content, track click rates and boost your conversion easily.
One click sync and share with teams
Keep your team emails on brand, trackable and marketable. A must-have tool for sales, marketers and project management.


Do I have to switch to a new email client?

Mailbutler is a productivity plugin that works on two of the most popular email platforms, Apple Mail on macOS and Gmail as a Chrome extension. No learning needed!

What are Shared Message Templates and how do I use it in my team?

Shared Message Templates are rich text snippets or images that you can create and share with your teams. Shared templates are automatically synced across accounts and email clients.

Is there a limit to how many Shared Templates I can create with Mailbutler?

No, you can create and use an unlimited number of Shared Templates.

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