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Best Black Friday SaaS deals in 2024: Get yours now

Check out the best Black Friday SaaS deals in 2024. Maximize your savings with these limited and unbeatable discounts.

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    By James

    James has seven years' experience as a Content Marketer, bylines on Left Foot Forward, Submittable, and INOMICS, and a Master's in History. In his free time he likes to read, play guitar, and write for his personal blog.

    Black Friday is known as one of the biggest shopping events of the year, with retailers offering major discounts and deals to eager consumers. But it's not just physical products that see huge discounts on this day. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers also join in on the Black Friday frenzy, offering exclusive deals and promotions on their subscription-based services.

    If you're a business owner or a professional looking to save big on essential software solutions, you won't want to miss out on these Black Friday SaaS deals in 2024. Get ready to score some amazing software deals and give your business a competitive edge this holiday season!


    • Offer: to be announced
    • Promo code: to be announced
    • Valid: to be announced

    Email productivity extension for Outlook, Apple Mail, and Gmail

    Mailbutler is the leading email productivity extension for Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Gmail that makes your inbox smarter. The extension offers email-enhancing features such as the ability to track emails and links, schedule emails to be sent later, snooze emails to free up your working day, create beautiful professional email signatures and templates, email tagging, and now even have a Smart Assistant powered by Al!

    With the Smart Assistant you can:

    • respond to emails with 1 click
    • summarize emails with 1 click
    • compose emails based on short input keywords
    •  create to-dos from emails
    • find contact information in emails
    • improve spelling or grammar on your emails before sending

    Get the Mailbutler Deal Here


    • Offer: 50% off Medium and Pro annual plans
    • Promo code: BFSTRIPOqU0anR
    • Valid: from November 23rd till November 28th, 2023

    Stripo is an all-in-one email design platform trusted by over 1,000,000 users worldwide. It equips you with all the necessary tools to create emails of any complexity, including interactive, real-time, and AMP content. With 1500 ready-made templates and the ability to save and reuse email modules across multiple campaigns, Stripo simplifies your email design process. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with 80 ESPs/CRMs, allowing you to effortlessly push your emails to your marketing automation system with just a single click.

    Stripo's main focus is automating email production, potentially saving you up to 60% of the time typically spent on email creation.

    Don't miss out on the chance to improve your email marketing efforts with Stripo. Prepare for the Black Friday Sale and elevate your email campaigns to new heights!

    Get the Stripo Deal Here


    • Offer: 40% free bonus credits, on top of any purchase
    • Promo code: BFCM40
    • Valid: from November 21st till November 30th, 2023

    ZeroBounce is an email validation, deliverability, and email-finding platform helping 250,000 customers achieve more success with email. Its 99% accurate email verification service removes invalid and risky email addresses to help senders prevent bounces and reach the inbox.

    Companies can either clean existing email lists or use ZeroBounce’s real-time email verifier to ensure their data is always fresh – and that emails are not going to spam. ZeroBounce accounts come with 100 free monthly email verifications.

    Get the ZeroBounce Deal Here


    • Offer: 39% off for a year
    • Promo code: click on their Black Friday page below
    • Valid: from October 23rd till November 27th, 2023

    Are you looking for the best Black Friday offer to create, host, and sell your online courses, training programs, or memberships?

    LearnWorlds, the leading all-in-one online course platform, has done it again!

    Learnworlds Black Friday deal

    Grab their limited-time BFCM special and enjoy up to 39% off the monthly list price for a whole year! Early birds get the biggest discount and a bonus bundle!

    This is a SaaS Black Friday offer you can’t afford to miss! Get access to all the premium features for the best price on the market, and launch your first (or next!) successful online course or community-powered membership site.

    Plus, with LearnWorlds you can reach your audience and sell courses on mobile too! Visit the offer page and choose the mobile combo option to launch your own, branded iOS and Android apps for the lowest price of the year!

    Get the LearnWorlds Deal Here


    Reply.io black friday offer

    • Offer: 50% off all annual plans
    • Promo code: HOLIDAYDEAL2023
    • Valid: November 20 – December 25, 2023

    Reply is the AI-powered sales engagement platform that helps sales teams find new leads, engage them via multiple channels, and create endless opportunities at scale.

    With its AI sales assistant, Reply generates personalized sales emails and outreach sequences, and then handles responses by answering queries and booking meetings on your behalf.

    From building targeted prospect lists with its free 140 million+ contact database to booking calls right through the platform, Reply allows you to automate the entire sales process, from finding clients to closing deals.

    Get the Reply Deal Here

    EmailToolTester Deliverability Audit

    • Offer: 35% discount on our Email Deliverability Audits
    • Promo code: BLACKFRIDAY23
    • Valid: from November 7th till November 27th, 2023

    EmailTooltester is where small business owners and marketing managers go for all their email marketing needs. Whether you're looking for the best ESP or need practical advice on list building, newsletter creation, automation, etc., EmailTooltester is a hub of information to help small businesses thrive.

    The Deliverability Audit and tailored recommendations are priced at $150. It includes two deliverability tests and tailored recommendations.


    • Offer: Up to 40% off on our plans
    • Promo code: Not required, discount is automatically applied at checkout
    • Valid: from November 20th till November 3oth, 2023

    GetResponse is an email marketing platform that provides small businesses, solopreneurs, coaches, and marketers with powerful and affordable tools to grow their audience, engage with their subscribers, and turn subscribers into paying customers. With over 25 years of expertise, their customers choose GetResponse for their user-friendly solution, award-winning 24/7 customer support, and powerful tools that go beyond email marketing.

    Get the GetResponse Deal Here


    • Offer: 20% off for any plan (monthly or yearly)
    • Promo code: PARTNER20
    • Valid: until November 27th

    Sender is an affordable and reliable email marketing software that makes your campaigns stand out. With Sender, you can craft professional emails in minutes thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop email builder and responsive templates. And the best part? Sender’s seamless integration with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce ensures you can perfectly align your email campaigns with your online store.

    Get the Sender Deal Here


    mailmodo black friday deal

    • Offer: Flat 20% off on annual subscription plans. Valid till November 30, 2023
    • Promo code:  fill out the form on the page or contact blackfriday@mailmodo.com 
    • Valid: from November 8th till November 3oth, 2023

    Mailmodo is a complete email marketing solution enabling users to create and send app-like interactive emails to improve email conversions. As all interactions happen inside the email, this eliminates user redirections for a smoother email experience and higher conversions.

    Get the Mailmodo Deal Here


    • Offer: 40% off on Ultimate Control Plan for six months (billed annually) for unlimited users! No per-user fees.
    • Promo code: HOLIDAY23
    • Valid: till November 30th, 2023

    ProofHub is an all-in-one project management and team collaboration tool that offers a centralized dashboard for effective project planning, scheduling, and progress tracking.

    With a built-in time tracker, online proofing tool, custom roles, and similar other features, ProofHub provides a streamlined and centralized platform, eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps. And the best part, its flat pricing allows you to add as many team members as you want.

    Get the ProofHub Deal Here

    NAKIVO Backup & Recovery

    • Offer: 15% Off - Only the first 100 participants can get the discount
    • Promo code: No code required
    • Valid: from November 8th till December 31st, 2023

    NAKIVO is a fast and affordable backup and disaster recovery solution provider for virtual machines, physical machines, cloud workloads, and Microsoft 365. With over 25,000 companies worldwide placing their trust in our expertise, they deliver reliable and efficient solutions to protect businesses from data loss.

    With NAKIVO, organizations can confidently safeguard their valuable data and minimize downtime in the event of an unexpected disaster. Whether it's virtual machines, physical machines, or cloud workloads, our comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions provide peace of mind to businesses of all sizes.

    Get the Nakivo Deal Here


    • Offer: 50% off Beekast’s Starter, Pro and Business Plan
    • Promo code: BF23
    • Valid: from November 20th till December 1st, 2023

    An online, collaborative solution that transforms your meetings, training sessions, or events into engaging, efficient experiences! Seamlessly Integrated with top tools like MS Teams, Google Meet, Webex, and Zoom, Beekast is the perfect tool to effortlessly interact with your team and boost productivity thanks to fun activities and smart features.


    • Offer: 50% off on any Tower plan! (valid for the first year)
    • Promo code: No coupon (store-wide discount)
    • Valid: from November 20–December 3, 2023

    Tower is a beautiful, native Git client designed to make Git easy (and actually enjoyable!) to use. With its best-in-class features and seamless integration with popular code hosting platforms such as GitHub or GitLab, Tower grants you all the power of Git in an intuitive interface. Available for Mac and Windows.


    • Offer: 50% off the first month (Expires Dec 1st)
    • Promo code: OCBLACKFRIDAY
    • Valid: from November 9th till December 1st, 2023

    OneCliq is an AI-powered content assistant that creates, repurposes and analyzes your content for you. It turns long-form videos and podcasts into engaging, shareable social media clips, titles, summaries, and even blog drafts. Geared toward content creators, solopreneurs, and marketers, it offers features like adaptive clip generation, auto-captions, and seamless social media integration to boost your digital presence. With a user-friendly design and a free 7-day trial, OneCliq promises to save 90% of your time and enhance your content's reach, inviting you to experience a revolutionized content creation process without any upfront investment.

    Get the OneCliq Deal Here


    • Offer: 50% off on Scale and Business Plans for the next 1 year for both Yearly and Monthly Plans
    • Promo code: BlackFriday2023
    • Valid: from November 1st till December 31st, 2023

    SalesBlink is an AI-powered cold email outreach solution using which you can search for prospects, put your cold email sequences on autopilot, and view stats and reports for opens, clicks, replies, and more effortlessly.

    BlinkGPT is SalesBlink’s in-house Generative AI that lets you write emails, create sales sequences, and much more with just a few clicks. Integrates natively with Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM & Slack.


    • Offer: 15% on the “Silver Plan” for the Annual Plan
    • Promo code: Reach out to marketing@callhippo.com for your coupon code
    • Valid:  till November 24th, 2023

    Cheqmark, an ultimate free checklist maker tool, has been designed to elevate daily routines and revolutionize your approach to productivity. Craft your own designs, save them to your personal collection, download them in a PDF format, and even bring them to life by printing them out. Cheqmark has a range of useful templates such as habit trackers, daily checklists, monthly calendars, goal trackers, and much more. For those looking for long-term organization, Cheqmark, offers an exclusive Black Friday SaaS discount on a yearly subscription for Premium features (all Premium templates included).

    Get the Cheqmark Deal Here


    • Offer: 15% off
    • Promo code: EthOSBF2023
    • Valid: from November 24th till November 31st, 2023

    EthOS provides a unique perspective into the daily lives of your customers, consumers, and employees. By observing how individuals engage with your products and services in real-life situations, your company can uncover hidden issues, discover new opportunities, and gain a deeper understanding of customer needs.


    • Offer: 20% Off on all Individual Plans
    • Promo code: BF20
    • Valid:  till November 24th, 2023

    As an omnichannel shared inbox, ControlHippo helps companies handle customer communications on a variety of platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more, all from a single dashboard. This platform facilitates seamless teamwork, ensuring consistent and effective customer service and engagement through multiple channels.

    Get the ControlHippo Deal Here


    • Offer: 15% on the “Silver Plan” for the Annual Plan
    • Promo code: Reach out to marketing@callhippo.com for your coupon code
    • Valid:  till November 24th, 2023

    CallHippo is an industry-leading virtual call center solution designed to meet the needs of businesses, regardless of size. Equipped with customizable features aimed at elevating customer experiences and enabling sales teams, CallHippo seamlessly integrates with more than 100 applications, including Shopify, Zapier, Freshdesk, and HubSpot. By automating call center operations, it streamlines processes and enhances efficiency.

    Get the CallHipo Deal Here


    • Offer: 30% off for your first year on Narrato Workspace
    • Promo code: BFCM23NRT
    • Valid: 19th November to 3rd December

    Narrato is an AI content creation and marketing workspace that provides a wide range of AI and automation tools to assist you in effortlessly creating high-quality content collaboratively. Unlike other AI content generation tools, Narrato offers a complete AI content workspace where you can use AI and automation for ideation, creation, collaboration, and publishing - all within a single platform. By leveraging Narrato, you can significantly accelerate content production, saving valuable resources in terms of time and money.

    Get the Narrato Deal Here


    • Offer: 30% off the annual Pro plan
    • Promo code: the discount is applied automatically during payment
    • Valid: November 21st – 30th November 2023

    Weblium is a website builder that allows you to embody your design ideas. More than 300,000 websites were created with its help. With Weblium, you can create a business card or landing and a fully functional online store, which will help you bring your business online and improve customer interactions. Choose templates or create a website from scratch, connect varying integrations and tools that will improve business management and be efficient for designers and marketers.

    Get the Weblium Deal Here

    OneStream Live

    • Offer: 20% off on all monthly plans for the first 3 months or 15% off on all annual plans
    • Promo code: BFCM20 or BFCM15
    • Valid:  November 10 - December 5, 2023

    OneStream Live is a cutting-edge cloud-based live streaming solution, empowering users to effortlessly create, schedule, and multistream real-time and recorded live content across 45+ social media platforms and the web simultaneously.

    • Social Media Streaming
    • Playlist Streaming
    • Invite up to 10 guests to live session
    • Brand Live Streams
    • Sell products with Live Sales
    • Embed Player
    • Team Management
    • Cloud Storage Integration
    • Unified Chat
    • Recording

    Get the OneStream Deal Here

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