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Improving email communication using Mailbutler’s Email Link Tracking feature

Mailbutler’s email link-tracking feature gives you live push notifications when a link you sent is clicked. Use this feature to make your email successful!

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    By Tiffany

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    Call-to-action emails often include a link or two, which encourages readers to take steps after reading engaging content. But how do you know if your readers actually clicked through the link? By using Mailbutler’s Email Link Tracking feature.

    This post features Mailbutler’s Email Link Tracking service for Apple Mail, Outlook and Gmail. It will provide you with information on what the service entails, how to use it, and some basic ground rules on sending links in emails to make the feature most effective.

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    What is Mailbutler’s Email Link Tracking feature?

    Mailbutler’s email link-tracking feature gives you live push notifications when the recipient of your email clicks on any link you’ve included in your message. Turn on the link tracking feature before hitting send, and it notifies you when the customer clicks and opens the link. This helps you time your communication perfectly, follow up on an important client, or even call the recipient to close a deal.

    Tracking information about the number of times that links in your email were clicked

    Depending on how many times your recipient opened the email and clicked through the links included therein, you can adjust your subsequent engagement: someone with more clicks will probably have higher interest and is more likely to be a hot lead. If your contact opened the email but didn’t click through, sending them a friendly reminder may convince them to open the link and create an opportunity for a new client.

    Best practices for links in emails

     1. Don’t include too many links in one email

    A link in every sentence is rather dense. The recipient of your email won’t have a clear path forward. You need to figure out exactly which link you want them to click on – which is the most important – and also convince them that the link is worth clicking on. If you decide to put in a link, make sure it leads to a place whence they can take a next step: contact you, find more useful information, or sign up for a service, for example.

    2. Ensure your link works before you send your email

    Making sure the link in your email works is perhaps the most important step in the process. Sometimes a letter might be deleted from the end, or a pasted hyperlink will carry a space at the beginning. Small mistakes are easy to miss and more common than we realize. Double-check before you hit send: a link that doesn’t work is no use to anyone and may affect your credibility in the recipient’s eyes.

    3. Put a link to your website in your email signature

    Allowing your sales leads to look you up easily is really important for brand and marketing purposes. It means potential customers can quickly get an overview of your business, learn more about you as a person, and gives you a better chance of turning leads into clients. Give your website’s address and some email clients will display it as a clickable link (although not all, so some recipients may have to copy-paste the address into their browser to get to your website).

    How does Mailbutler Email Link Tracking work?

    Mailbutler redirects all links you add to your emails through our servers, without changing your recipient’s email or browsing experience. This allows us to tell you when and how many times a link you added to a message was clicked. For more information, you can head over to our Support Center article. And of course, if you have any questions or concerns, you can email us at

    So what are you waiting for? Download Maibutler now and use Email Link Tracking to improve your email communication by getting more insights into your clients and customers.

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