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Email Follow-up Reminders: Never Miss an Opportunity to Re-engage

Mailbutler explains its Follow-up Reminders for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail, who they're for, and how best to use them.

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    By Tiffany

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    In today’s culture of constant message bombardment, an important email or two is often lost in the mix. You might see an email and tell yourself you’ll reply later, but then forget; you might even miss the email completely. So what’s the best way to prevent this from happening? By setting yourself a follow-up reminder.

    Often, a simple follow-up email can be instrumental in obtaining a response. Although, the vast majority of emails remain without a follow-up. Mailbutler makes it easy for you to stay on top of crucial emails that need revisiting with Follow-up Reminders. This means you’ll never forget to respond to a message, and you’ll maximize your chances of getting a response. Read on to learn more about Mailbutler’s Follow-up Reminders.

    Check out Mailbutler’s Follow-up Reminder feature

    What are Mailbutler’s Follow-up Reminders?

    Follow-up Reminders are a popular feature of Mailbutler, a productivity extension for Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail. They allow you to set up hassle-free reminders to reply to unanswered emails from within the comfort of your favourite email platform. Mailbutler integrates seamlessly into your current email inbox, meaning follow-up reminders act like an extension of your inbox, not a new software within it!

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    Creating a reminder is as easy as clicking a button. It takes a few seconds to set one, after which you’ll receive a reminder to send a follow-up email at a date and time of your choosing. This way, you’ll never forget to respond to an important email and increase your chances of retaining that customer, winning that client, or getting that important piece of information you need.

    Moreover, you can sync Mailbutler Follow-up Reminders with myriad different apps, including Trello, Asana, Todoist, Wunderlist and many more. Gone are the days of missed opportunities with Mailbutler’s Follow-up Reminders. 

    Who are Follow-up Reminders for?

    The salesperson determined to convert a lead into a customer.

    Only 20% of sales leads are followed up on past the initial cold email. This means that a staggering 80% of opportunities are lost due to a lack of following up. Never let a potential customer slide by, and maximize every opportunity to secure a sale with Mailbutler’s Follow-up Reminders. Check out our other blog post with some tips on cold email follow-ups.

    The job applicant who has been waiting on a reply from a recruiter.

    Waiting for a response to a job application can be nerve-wracking, and keeping track of multiple different job applications at different companies can quickly get messy. Moreover, you never know how many other people have replied – the boss at your potential next company could have hundreds of emails from candidates! Creating reminders to follow up on job application emails makes sure you stay at the front of recruiters’ minds.

    The project manager who urgently needs a progress update.

    When half of your team (or your whole team!) works remotely, it can be easy to forget all of the different moving parts of your business. You might simultaneously be waiting for information from a colleague, receiving an inquiry from a client, and juggling preparation for various meetings. All of these different tasks mean forgetting to send an email can happen easily. But not with Mailbutler’s Follow-up Reminders! Focus on what matters, and let Mailbutler remind you to take action at a date and time of your choosing.

    The freelancer with the occasionally delayed invoice payment.

    Let’s face it – some clients just aren’t very punctual. Receiving a payment too late might just be a slight annoyance, but for a freelancer with limited clients, it can be a huge inconvenience. Nobody wants to miss their rent payment or have to worry about having enough money to eat properly that month, and unfortunately, clients aren’t always totally reliable. With Mailbutler, you can worry less that your client is going to pay you late. Simply set up a reminder and forget about it until the follow-up date, at which time you can bump them for your payment.

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    But follow-ups aren’t just for these four people. On the contrary, Mailbutler’s Follow-up Reminders are for everyone looking to save time and streamline their workflow with an intuitive and robust tool that will become a seamless part of your email usage.

    How to use Follow-up Reminders?

    We’ve prepared a detailed, step-by-step set of instructions here. Check them out, hit the follow-up button in your inbox, and never miss an opportunity to re-engage again.

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