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Schedule email in macOS Ventura vs Mailbutler’s Send Later

Why Mailbutler’s Send Later feature is better than the macOS Ventura email scheduling option. Read on to find out.

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    As the name suggests, Apple’s new Scheduled Send feature allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a specific moment in the future.

    The macOS Ventura email scheduling functionality gives you the freedom to compose messages whenever you want and send them later.

    If you tend to work on your business emails late at night, this feature will help you avoid coming across as inconsiderate and unprofessional.

    To schedule email sending in macOS Ventura, all you need to do is:

    • Open the Mail app and log into your account
    • Write a message
    • Open the Send Later section
    • Specify when you want the email to be delivered – you can choose one of the two fixed, directly accessible options (“Send 21:00 Tonight” and “Send 08:00 Tomorrow”) or set a custom delivery date and time

    The macOS Ventura email scheduling feature allows for rescheduling and works even when Mail is closed.

    Plus, it delivers scheduled emails during your Mac’s “Power Nap” (while the computer is in sleep mode and connected to power).

    However, the macOS Ventura email scheduling functionality doesn’t work if your computer is shut down or isn’t connected to the internet.

    How to schedule emails in macOS Ventura with Mailbutler 

    To schedule email for later delivery in macOS Ventura with Mailbutler, first you need to download and install Mailbutler.

    With Mailbutler integrated into your Apple Mail inbox, you’ll have access to a powerful collection of features, including Send Later.

    And the great news is that there’s a 14-day free trial, meaning you can try out all of Mailbutler’s features before committing to a paid plan. don’t have to commit to a paid plan before you try out all of Mailbutler’s features.

    Once Mailbutler is up and running, you’ll be able to schedule emails directly within your Apple Mail inbox.

    Here are the four simple steps you need to follow to schedule mail in the Apple Mail app:

    • Open the Mail app and sign in to your account
    • Compose an email
    • Click on the Send Later icon (a send button with a small clock attached) next to the regular send button
    • Specify when you want the message to be sent by choosing a date and time

    Unlike the macOS Ventura email scheduling functionality, Mailbutler’s Send Later feature doesn’t require you to be online when the email delivery time comes. Your computer can be off and not connected to the internet and your message will still be delivered.

    What’s more, Mailbutler’s innovative Recipient Optimized Scheduling option helps you boost your open rates and maximize your chances of getting a reply by recommending when to send your emails.

    Mailbutler makes these suggestions based on the tracking data it collects for your contacts’ email addresses.

    This feature is a must for anyone who uses email to communicate with colleagues and clients who live in different time zones or have different working hours.

    On top of this, Mailbutler’s Send Later is smart. Firstly, if you try to send an email outside of your own set working hours, it can automatically schedule your email to be sent at the beginning of your next working day. This means you always stay professional, and always send emails during the working hours of your recipient, maximizing your chances of having your email read, rather than lost in the daily barrage of emails.

    Moreover, if you don’t want to send your message if your recipient has already emailed you, Mailbutler can automatically cancel the delivery of your scheduled email. This works even if you schedule an email to multiple recipients and just one of them replies. The message isn’t lost, though, meaning you can head into your scheduled folder and still make changes or reschedule your email to be delivered if you want.

    Mailbutler also gives you push notifications letting you know about the status of your scheduled message, for example if it gets automatically cancelled or if its delivery was successful, and provides an informative widget in the Mailbutler Sidebar which gives you an overview of all your scheduled messages and their status.

    Why Mailbutler’s Send Later feature is better than the macOS Ventura email scheduling option 

    Mailbutler’s Send Later feature beats the macOS Ventura email scheduling functionality for five main reasons:

    1. Mailbutler’s Send Later feature works even when you’re not connected to the internet, while macOS Ventura doesn’t deliver scheduled emails if there’s no internet connection or your computer is turned off.
    2. With Mailbutler, your scheduled emails are temporarily stored in a special remote mailbox named “Scheduled,” which means you can check and edit your scheduled messages on other devices as well. The macOS Ventura email scheduling feature, on the other hand, temporarily stores your scheduled emails in a dedicated local folder called “Scheduled,” meaning you can’t access your scheduled messages on your iPhone or iPad.
    3. Both Mailbutler and macOS Ventura allow for rescheduling and unscheduling emails. However, macOS Ventura requires you to manually drag scheduled messages from Send Later to Drafts to unschedule and edit them.
    4. Mailbutler’s Send Later feature remembers the last-used scheduling preset and date and time, whereas macOS Ventura doesn’t.
    5. Mailbutler’s Send Later feature comes with a few smart extensions, the most important of which is the aforementioned Recipient Optimized Scheduling functionality. This innovative technology recommends when you should send your email based on when your recipient is most likely to be working on their emails. The other smart functionality mentioned in the section above helps you to stay on top of your email game and communicate more effectively, but cancelling redundant messages and showing you an overview of all your scheduled emails.


    Mac users have plenty of reasons to look forward to the release of macOS Ventura later this year, but the email scheduling feature isn’t one of them.

    Although useful and easy to use, Apple’s long-overdue Scheduled Send functionality has numerous limitations.

    The fact that your computer must be connected to the internet when the email delivery time arrives is its greatest downside.

    Another significant weakness of the macOS Ventura email scheduling feature is the inability to view and edit scheduled messages on other devices.

    Things are quite different with Mailbutler’s Send Later functionality.

    When you schedule email in the Apple Mail app using Mailbutler, your work ends the moment you hit the schedule button.

    You don’t have to worry about whether you’ll be online when the email delivery time comes because Mailbutler’s Send Later feature does its work even when you’re not connected to the internet.

    And having peace of mind and forgetting about work for a while is the whole point of scheduling emails to be sent later, isn’t it?

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