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Email snooze usage and 6 examples from various experts

Snoozing emails is an extremely effective way to manage your inbox and relieve the stress of the email barrage. Experts explain how.

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    By James

    James has seven years' experience as a Content Marketer, bylines on Left Foot Forward, Submittable, and INOMICS, and a Master's in History. In his free time he likes to read, play guitar, and write for his personal blog.

    It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by your inbox. Each of us receives many - sometimes hundreds - of emails every day, and they keep coming throughout the whole day, with no respite. It's often difficult to filter through all of these messages, or even find the time to read all your messages.

    That's where snooze comes in. Email snooze can be utilized as a useful tool for managing one's inbox. This feature is helpful for users who have trouble keeping their inboxes organized and free of clutter. For instance, they can choose to postpone reading all of their emails until a particular time each week when they will have more time to do so. This can help minimize the overwhelming amount of messages and improve the general organization of your email inbox.

    Now let's hear from our selected experts about their examples and usage of Snooze.

    Daily management of important emails 

    I dedicate a one-hour slot every morning to responding to emails, so I schedule my snoozed emails to land at the top of my inbox at this time. I get email notifications through to my phone, so if I notice an important email, I’ll snooze it straight away. Once I’ve been through my snoozed emails, I’ll look through the other non-snoozed emails to make sure I didn’t miss anything important. 

    The emails that I snooze the most are those that require fast action for the sake of my business’s reputation and processes, including any client emails that can’t be forwarded to another member of my team, important emails about services and tools that we use, and emails from my writers and other staff.

    Rebecca Hey, Founder, Strategically.co

    Rebecca Hey, Founder, Strategically.co

    Time zone management

    A tool like an email snooze can be helpful for people who work in multiple time zones. For example, if a user receives an email from a colleague in another time zone, they can snooze the email to have it resurface during their colleague's working hours. This can assist to avoid confusion and guarantee that emails are addressed on time.

    Steve Rose, Vice President, MoneyTransfers

    Steve Rose, Vice President, MoneyTransfers

    Start using Snooze today

    Keep your inbox clear and remove distractions.

    Email organization

    Email snooze, in my opinion, can be utilized as a tool for email organization. Users can snooze emails and label them with certain categories or tags, such as "finance" or "travel." This feature can help users keep track of important emails and get to them quickly when they need to, without clogging up their inboxes.

    Email snooze is a flexible feature that can be used for many things, such as follow-up reminders, time management, getting to inbox zero, managing email overloads, and organizing emails. By using this function, users can better organize their emails, reduce the stress and anxiety that comes from having a full inbox, and increase their overall productivity. 

    Timothy Allen, Sr. Corporate Investigator, Corporate Investigation Consulting

    Timothy Allen, Sr. Corporate Investigator, Corporate Investigation Consulting

    Example from the real estate industry 

    Here are a few examples from my daily workflow as a real estate broker and mortgage agent: 

    • If I see a new listing that matches my client's criteria, I'll snooze it until I have a chance to contact them and schedule a showing.
    • I snooze emails on loan applications that I need to process or verify later. This way, I can keep track of my clients progress and avoid any delays or errors.
    • I'll snooze emails from clients I've recently done a successful deal with until I can send them a gift. This allows me to continue a good relationship with them as they really appreciate the gesture.

    Ivan Lobo, Real Estate Consultant, Made in CA

    Ivan Lobo, Real Estate Consultant, Made in CA

    Helps with time management

    Snoozing emails also helps with my productivity, which is hugely important to me. If I only have five emails to review on a particular morning because I've snoozed three others because they're not pertinent, that helps me focus. I literally can't afford to lose even a few minutes out of each particular day (if I'm going to stay sane), so in that sense, the snooze function is a game changer for me.  

    Thomas Hawkins, CEO, Electrician Apprentice HQ 

    Thomas Hawkins, CEO, Electrician Apprentice HQ 

    Schedule a follow-up reminder 

    If I receive an email that requires a response but I need to do some research or gather additional information before I can reply, I might snooze it until a specific date or time when I can address it more thoroughly. This ensures that I don't forget about the email and that I can provide a thoughtful and complete response. 

    Sometimes, I might snooze an email simply to reduce clutter in my inbox. If I receive an email that is not urgent but doesn't require immediate action, I might snooze it until a later date or time when it is more relevant or when I have more time to review it. This helps to keep my inbox organized and reduces the mental load of having to process too many emails at once.

    Jon Morgan, Founder,  Venture Smarter

    Jon Morgan, Founder,  Venture Smarter

    Manage your inbox more effectively by snoozing

    Snooze is an invaluable feature for anyone who wants to more effectively manage their inbox or is in general feeling overwhelmed by their emails. It allows you to block out a specific period of time during your day to read and respond to messages, meaning you aren't distracted by messages constantly flooding in.

    This feature can be particularly useful for professionals who need to adhere to regulatory guidelines, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). By utilizing snooze, you can manage your response times for when you have the capacity to reply, ensuring compliance with FCRA-mandated timeframes. Additionally, snoozing helps you work more effectively with clients in different time zones, allowing for efficient communication and seamless collaboration.

    So what's the best way to snooze your emails? With Mailbutler! Mailbutler's Snooze feature for Apple Mail and Outlook works simply and flawlessly, allowing you to save time and remove the stresses of email communication. Learn more below.

    Learn more about Mailbutler's Snooze feature here

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