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Christmas Templates: A joyous way to spread cheer!

Check out Mailbutler's Christmas templates to spread some festive cheer in your emails this holiday season.

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    By Tiffany

    Tiffany studied Language and Economics, and now likes to write about business topics and conduct interviews with interesting people. She spends her free time looking after her plants and with her dog.

    Note: This article was written for the 2019 Holidays and the templates are not available now. You can still, of course, use Mailbutler and create quick and easy Email Templates!

    These Christmas Templates are a limited and seasonal time offer!

    It’s getting cold outside, that’s when you know the holiday season is approaching. It’s time to give yourself a break to spend time with your loved ones, drinking Glühwein around the fireplace.

    Unfortunately, you still have a lot of tasks jammed packed into your schedule that needs to be finished before you relax. One of your annual tasks is writing holiday greetings to your colleagues, friends, and business partners.

    Normally, you will not be able to relax for the holidays until all of your seasonal greetings are completed. As Christmas will draw closer, you will be even busier and there will be less time to write your holiday cards.

    Apart from that, you will also have to write your holiday greetings to nearly everyone: family, friends, colleagues, clients, and business acquaintances.

    Now, you are starting to become anxious, because of the number of holiday greetings that need to be written. You are afraid that you will miss some of your important business contacts.

    From there, you are wondering, in order to minimize the pre-holiday stress, how can I effectively write my holiday greetings?

    Christmas Templates! What a festive answer!

    Like a Christmas miracle, the solution appears to you: I should use Mailbutler, the best and most time-saving option! To stay on top of the holiday greeting game you can use Mailbutler’s festive Christmas Templates.

    Mailbutler made two Christmas Templates, a personal and a professional one, so you can use them when sending holiday greetings!

    Just like the normal Mailbutler Templates, they are pre-written, so you simply just fill in the text box. To be even more organized, you can write the texts beforehand and use the Send Later feature to schedule them for later.

    After, you can use Mailbutler's Tracking feature, to verify that your holiday greetings arrive at perfection. Beyond that, the Christmas Templates also include name Placeholders, so you don't have to individually type names.

    You just put in their email and Mailbutler fills in their name for you! An excellent way to save time while simultaneously being festive!

    The Professional Greetings Template

    The Personal Greetings Template

    Joyeux Noel!

    For our international audience, we want the templates to be as inclusive as possible. So the e-cards are available in four languages: English, German, French, and even Spanish! Sí, you read that correctly, Mailbutler is now available in Spanish! Muy Bien!

    A Merry Christmas Template

    What is great about the Christmas Template is that it gives your email a more joyous look for the festive season. Like we said before, there are two versions, a professional one and a personal one.

    The professional greetings are more formal text and design, perfect for co-workers, business partners or any other professional relationship. While the personal greetings are warm and festive, so it is perfect to send to a loved one.

    They are both a fast and convenient way of writing e-cards. You know what’s even better, your recipient can use the same festive templates and forward it to other people as well! Mailbutler’s Christmas Templates, the gift that keeps on giving!

    Want to learn more about Christmas Templates?

    So where do you find these Merry Templates? They are located with all of the other Mailbutler Templates in your templates list! If you want to learn more about Templates and where to find them please follow this step by step guide!

    Dazzling Features

    To make sending the Christmas Templates even more organized you can use Mailbutler’s Send Later and Tracking Features.

    With the Send Later feature, you can schedule emails for anytime or event in the future.

    It's beneficial for Christmas because you can write your messages in advance, and schedule them for whenever you please.

    On top of this, Send Later can automatically reschedule your email to send the next day if you try and send it outside of your working hours. This means you won't send an email so late, your recipient won't see it!

    While for Tracking, it shows you: at what time, how many times, and from which location the recipient has opened and seen your email. Essentially, It is useful for this festive season because you can see if your holiday card was delivered and seen.

    Moreover, if you use an IMAP or iCloud email address in Apple Mail, you can send your email to a number of recipients and see exactly who has opened your holiday card with Per Recipient Tracking.

    After tracking, you know if you need to send your holiday greetings again because the recipient has yet to open it.

    Placeholders to save you time 

    In the Christmas templates, we have used placeholders, their function is to fetch the sender's and recipient's contact information directly from their account information.

    In order for the placeholder to function correctly, we recommend that you have the contact information already saved in your contacts.

    Mailbutler put in placeholders because it makes using the Christmas Templates even easier, so all you have to do is click send. Just follow these simple instructions on how to use them:

    Using the placeholders is as easy as 1,2,3... just follow these simple instructions: 

    1. Select your wanted Christmas Template either the professional or personal one. The pre-composed placeholder in the form of Dear {{toRecipent.givenName}} for the personal templates or Dear Mr/Mrs {{toRecipient.givenName}} for professional templates.
    2. Fill out your recipient’s email address
    3. Click the preview button and it will show you the adjusted greetings according to the users 

    Adjust the text to correspond with your recipient’s contact information.

    If you don't want to use the placeholders, you can easily delete them and create your own festive salutations!

    Mailbutler’s Christmas Templates save you time, so you can focus on what really matters during the holiday season: relaxing with your loved ones. 

    To Summarise

    So are you still not convinced about Mailbutler? Here are the four benefits are written out for you:

    1. The Christmas design is much more joyous than plain emails.
    2. With Templates, the text is already prepared, so you don’t need to write or prepare much.
    3. Send Later lets you schedule your Christmas e-card in advance.
    4. Tracking reminds you to whom you need to resend your greetings.

    What about now? Are you interested in the Christmas Templates or our other amazing features that will save you time? Then register for Mailbutler for 14 days for free and try it out so we can help you make your mailing experience more valuable.

    Mailbutler will do the work for you so you can enjoy your free time and spend it on what really matters, like family and friends.

    Don't wait! Use these festive Christmas templates before they expire after Christmas.

    Merry Christmas, happy new year, and an all-around happy holiday!

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