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Undo Send for Mail

Have you realised you made a mistake after already sending your email? Mailbutler can give you another chance by recalling your message instantly with Undo Send. Don't worry about sending an email to the wrong person ever again! 


Join 100k professionals and start using Mailbutler's lifesaving Undo Send feature:

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Undo send undosend

Undo it like it never happened!

Set a timer that suits you best

You can set the right timer for Undo Send to interfere before letting your message leave the outbox so you have enough time to recall a mistake. 

No more typos!


Don't worry about sending a message with typos again. Click "Undo Send" and simply fix them!

No more panic attacks

Don't feel helpless when realising you made an embarrassing mistake. That moment of horror stops with using "Undo Send". 

Meet our users

Jason Hunt

I can't imagine Apple Mail without Mailbutler! The Undo Send is valuable. Genuine life-saver, many times over.

Jason Hunt, Founder and Creative Director, See Think Do

Daphne Gray Grant

Mailbutler allows me to unsend emails shortly after I’ve sent them. I don’t have to do this often, only a couple of times each month, but each time I do, I’m so grateful to have this safety gate stopping me from making a fool of myself.

Daphne Gray-GrantThe Publication Coach

Jez Moore correct

Mailbutler has been the missing link in making my use of email as efficient as possible. It is logical, simple to use and my professional life is definitely easier with it.

Jez Moore, Founder at The Azur Collection

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