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Undo send emails

  • Recall your messages without the recipient ever knowing
  • Set a delay for your emails
  • Reliable and easy email recall
  • Custom delay period
  • Available for Apple Mail
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Jason Hunt

Jason Hunt
Founder and Creative Director, See Think Do


"I can't imagine Apple Mail without Mailbutler! The Undo Send is valuable. Genuine life-saver, many times over."

Daphne Gray Grant

Daphne Gray-Grant
The Publication Coach

"Mailbutler allows me to unsend emails shortly after I’ve sent them. I’m so grateful to have this safety gate stopping me from making a fool of myself."

Jez Moore correct

Jez Moore
Founder at The Azur Collection


"Mailbutler has been the missing link in making my use of email as efficient as possible. It is logical, simple to use and my professional life is definitely easier with it."

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Avoid unnecessary mistakes

Ever sent an email only to realize that you forgot to change the company name in your template? Or perhaps you didn't include an attachment that you refer to and have a few typos? An all-too-familiar scenario. Mailbutler gives you a second chance at spotting your mistakes and recalling your email before it reaches the recipient.

Custom delay period

Most often a 10 second delay is not enough to thoroughly double-check your email. With Mailbutler you can choose your own delay period and make sure that no part was left unchecked. When you send an email, a undo dialog box will appear with a countdown of the time till send and giving you the option to unsend it with a single click.

Undo send notification

Apple Mail

Undo send for Apple Mail

Undo send is a core Mailbutler feature available to users of all subscription tiers, including Essential (free) users. It allows Apple Mail users to set a delay period for their emails and recall them before reaching the recipient.

Undo send screenshot Apple Mail


How to recall emails in Apple Mail

Find out how to unsend an email with Apple Mail on Mac in a few easy steps by following the instructions below.

  1. Download and install Mailbutler for Apple MailMailbutler downloads page
  2. Log in to your Mailbutler dashboard and go to Preferences

     Mailbutler preferences


  3. Check the Enable undo send box and set your default delay periodenable undo send box


  4. Click Save preferences
  5. Immediately after sending an email, a pop-up box will appear from your menu bar, giving you the option to cancel the sendingUndo send graphic
  6. Click Undo Send to edit the email before sending it again
  7. If you have disabled the popover you can click on the Undo Send menu bar icon to have it appear manually